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have a sneaking suspicion

To have a slight but persistent premonition or intuition (about something). Jimmy said he'd never be back, but I have a sneaking suspicion we'll see him again sooner or later.
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sneak in(to some place)

To enter some place in a quiet, sneaky, inconspicuous, or furtive manner. The burglar snuck in without making a sound. Marty came sneaking into the classroom, late as usual.
See also: sneak

sneak out (of some place)

To exit some place in a quiet, sneaky, inconspicuous, or furtive manner. I managed to sneak out of the room without the teacher noticing me. I'll have to wait until my parents are asleep before I can sneak out can come meet you.
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sneak away (from some place)

To leave, depart, or move away from some place in a quiet, sneaky, inconspicuous, or furtive manner. I snuck away from the party when things started getting so rowdy. I'll distract them so you have a chance to sneak away.
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sneak around

1. To move around (some place) in a quiet, sneaky, inconspicuous, or furtive manner. Why are you sneaking around the back yard like that? Are you trying to hide something? I hate sneaking around like this, but I don't want Sarah to know what I'm planning for her birthday.
2. To move past or attempt to move past someone or something in a sneaky, furtive manner so as not to be noticed. We need to get into that warehouse, but I don't know how we're going to sneak around those guards.
3. To bypass or attempt to bypass the control or authority of some person, group, or thing. The giant corporation has been accused of sneaking around local and international tax laws through the use of illegal shell companies in tax havens around the world. They've been sneaking around the approval of the board with their research.
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sneak the sunrise past a rooster

To do something that is extremely difficult or nearly impossible. Primarily heard in US. Getting a shot past this talented goal keeper has been like sneaking the sunrise past a rooster for the opposing team.
See also: past, rooster, sneak

sneak up (on someone or something)

To approach someone or something in a sneaky, furtive manner so as not to be noticed. Don't sneak up on me like that—you frightened the life out of me! We don't want the guards to see us, so we'll need to sneak up from the back.
See also: sneak, someone, up

sneak up to (someone or something)

To creep up to or alongside someone or something in a secretive or inconspicuous manner so as not to be seen or noticed. I snuck up to the window to see what was going on inside the building. She snuck up to the man and slipped a note into his bag.
See also: sneak, up

sneak around (some place)

to move about a place in a sneaky or stealthy fashion. Please don't sneak around the house. It makes me nervous. Please stop sneaking around!
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sneak around someone or something

1. Lit. to creep around or past someone or something. The cat sneaked around Molly and ran out the door. We had to sneak around the corner so we wouldn't be seen.
2. Fig. to circumvent the control or censorship of someone or some group. I think we can sneak around the board of directors and authorize this project ourselves. Yes, let's sneak around the board.
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sneak around

1. To move or operate in some place furtively or surreptitiously: The security guard caught the thief sneaking around the office after closing.
2. To do something without someone's knowledge, especially to engage in romantic relationships: I suspect her husband has been sneaking around. I think his wife was sneaking around on him.
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sneak the sunrise past a rooster

Attempt something that's impossible, or be slick enough to do something by stealth. This predominantly Southern expression was famously used by California Angels first baseman Joe Adock, who said that “trying to sneak a pitch past [Atlanta Braves hitting great] Hank Aaron is like trying to sneak the sunrise past a rooster.”
See also: past, rooster, sneak
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Prosecutors accused the suspect of attempting to abuse his wife's sister sexually and sneaking into her bedroom.
A fortnight after the raid, Scott stole bank cards and pounds 50 from a kitchen after sneaking into a house in Hawthorn Road, Ashington, fleeing after the woman occupant confronted him in the yard.
He crashes the annual Bohemian Grove retreat in Northern California--another super-elite gathering that gives conspiracy theorists the heebies--in concert with a Texas-based rant-radio host named Alex Jones, who worries about his fate if he's caught sneaking in: "I'm not going to end up tied to a pentagram with Henry Kissinger's fat belly hanging over me while he's necking with a pentagram, am I?"
But during all the years I drove into the city to work every day, I got to see that ponderosa sneaking up on that eyesore.
She was caught sneaking in cigarettes for her husband when jail guards conducted a cavity search on her based on a tip that she was bringing in contraband, Pegalan said.
Nearly three-quarters of the moms surveyed-a reported 71 percent-admitted to sneaking in "TV 'me time' in surprising ways and places.'"
He faced charges of arson, damaging property and sneaking into a women-only place and putting others' lives at risk.
I don't want him sneaking around, searching through my drawers and cupboards and trying to find my diaries."
THIEVES raided homes after sneaking in through unlocked front doors.
It is thought the gangs blamed each other after a way of sneaking on to boats had been blocked.
ST MIRREN were spotted sneaking into training yesterday - on the eve of attempting to open the door to the SPL.
BURGLARS have been taking advantage of the warmer weather by sneaking into Coventry houses through open windows.
Hundreds of thousands of green-plant species also have such a connection, and they too might be sneaking food from each other, speculate Bidartondo and his colleagues in the Sept.
Tell your BFF straight up, "I don't wish to break any rules by sneaking out and playing pranks on people.
Gaynor progressed from taking family snapshots to sneaking shots of pop and sports celebrities.