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sneak around (some place)

to move about a place in a sneaky or stealthy fashion. Please don't sneak around the house. It makes me nervous. Please stop sneaking around!
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sneak around someone or something

1. Lit. to creep around or past someone or something. The cat sneaked around Molly and ran out the door. We had to sneak around the corner so we wouldn't be seen.
2. Fig. to circumvent the control or censorship of someone or some group. I think we can sneak around the board of directors and authorize this project ourselves. Yes, let's sneak around the board.
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sneak away (from some place)

to go away from a place quietly and in secret. Jeff tried to sneak away from the party, but Judy saw him. They sneaked away together.
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sneak in(to some place)

to enter a place quietly and in secret, perhaps without a ticket or permission. The kids tried to sneak into the rock concert, but they were stopped by the guards. Never try to sneak in. Sometimes they arrest you for trespassing.
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sneak out (of some place)

to go out of a place quietly and in secret. I sneaked out of the meeting, hoping no one would notice. Jamie saw me and sneaked out with me.
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sneak up on someone or something

to approach someone or something quietly and in secret. Please don't sneak up on me like that. I sneaked up on the cake, hoping no one would see me. someone did.
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sneak up to someone or something

to move close to someone or something quietly and in secret. I sneaked up to Don and scared him to death. Don sneaked up to the punch bowl and helped himself before the party began.
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sneak preview

An advance showing of something, as in It was supposed to be bad luck but she gave the bridegroom a sneak preview of her wedding gown . This expression originated in the 1930s for a single public showing of a motion picture before its general release, and in succeeding decades was transferred to other undertakings.
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a ˌsneak ˈpreview

an opportunity to look at or watch something, for example a book or a film/movie, before it is shown to the public: She gave me a sneak preview of her latest painting.
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sneak around

1. To move or operate in some place furtively or surreptitiously: The security guard caught the thief sneaking around the office after closing.
2. To do something without someone's knowledge, especially to engage in romantic relationships: I suspect her husband has been sneaking around. I think his wife was sneaking around on him.
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sneak up

1. To move or operate furtively or surreptitiously toward someone: The thief sneaked up behind the tourists and stole their luggage.
2. sneak up on To approach suddenly and surprisingly: The first day of spring sneaked up on me and I still hadn't gone skiing yet. Don't sneak up on me like that!
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n. a sneak preview of a movie. There was a good sneak at the Granada last night.


n. sneakers. She wore red sneaks and a mini.
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sneak the sunrise past a rooster

Attempt something that's impossible, or be slick enough to do something by stealth. This predominantly Southern expression was famously used by California Angels first baseman Joe Adock, who said that “trying to sneak a pitch past [Atlanta Braves hitting great] Hank Aaron is like trying to sneak the sunrise past a rooster.”
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