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1. slang Someone who kidnaps a baby. I've seen that woman before—I think she's the baby-snatcher they've been talking about on the news! Call the police!
2. slang Someone in a romantic relationship with a much younger person. Mom, that guy is 17 years younger than you. You'd be a baby-snatcher if you dated him!


A jocular term for someone who is romantically involved with a much younger person. Dating sites seem to be filled with nothing but cradle-snatchers looking for women who are 20 years younger than them.
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'Troops also intercepted and arrested suspected ballot box snatchers at Airforce junction near Ngor Okpala LGA in Imo State on the 9th of March 2019.
Inverness Press is proud to announce the publication of The Soul Snatchers in paperback and all popular eBook formats.
Lib Dem MP Sarah Olney said: "Margaret Thatcher was known as the milk snatcher - Theresa May will go down as the lunch snatcher.
The post Suspected purse snatcher arrested in Limassol appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Even though the quantum of sentence for snatching and wrongful restraint was increased from two to 10 and 14 years respectively in the state, the snatchers go about their business without any fear of the law.
The capabilities of the recruits and snatchers demonstrate that to accomplish something, all you need to do is set your mind to it.
INVASION Of The Body Snatcher s ac tor Ke v in McCarthy has died, aged 96.
A spokesman for West Mercia Police said the incidents demonstrated how quickly bag snatchers can strike.
In fact, the emergence was almost creepy, kind of like the pod people in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Within hours of a Union Leader-generated e-mail "news bulletin" that "Hillary Clinton has begun calling New Hampshire Democratic leaders and activists in an apparent prelude to a presidential campaign in the lead-off primary state," the marching orders were received by the media, which dutifully put together stories featuring all kinds of insights from the Hillary-ites, including the declaration from Nancy Richards-Stower, former member of the Public Utilities Commission and a volunteer for the first President Clinton that "I will not wear anybody else's button."
Novelist and short story writer Jack Finney (1911-1995) was best known for his science fiction and thrillers, most notably The Body Snatchers (the basis for the 1956 movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers) and Time and Again.
The author explains how Hunter's contacts in the seedy underbelly of society, including London's infamous body snatchers, led ultimately to a revolution in medicine.
That's the latest title for what began as yet another redo of the cult classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," this one directed by German filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel and produced by Joel Silver for Warner Bros.
The advice comes on the day market traders in Nuneaton declared war on the snatchers - with the aid of cat-bells.
In fact, on the heels of Deitch's show, a fresh crop of body snatchers was reported in and about London.