snarl at

snarl at (one)

1. Literally, to growl at one in a vicious manner and with teeth bared. I knew not to approach the dog when it started snarling at me. The poor woman was so overcome by delirium that she actually snarled at the doctors and nurses.
2. To speak or respond to one in a particularly nasty or aggressive manner. She positively snarled at me when I suggested that she should take a break to focus on her kids. If you snarl at me like that again, I'm sending you straight to bed.
3. To utter something at one in a particularly nasty or aggressive manner. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "snarl" and "at." He snarled his answer at me, so I knew not to push him any further. I got so sick of the coach snarling orders at us, so I quit the team.
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snarl at (someone, something, or an animal)

to growl at someone, something, or an animal angrily and threateningly. The dog snarled at everyone who passed by. Our dog used to sit in front of the washing machine and snarl at it.
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The only disadvantage of the plan that leaps to mind is the attrition rate of young men and young women who will snarl at the authoritarian stance of the Church Eternal as expressed in the requirement for a year of altar service, but those snarling youth are (a) the very youth for whom a more intimate look at Catholic life and practice would be a boon, and (b) the very youth who are not now volunteering for service on the altar.