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snarl at (someone, something, or an animal)

to growl at someone, something, or an animal angrily and threateningly. The dog snarled at everyone who passed by. Our dog used to sit in front of the washing machine and snarl at it.
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snarl someone or something up

to tangle someone or something; to mess something up. The wind snarled my hair up terribly. The wind snarled up my hair.
See also: snarl, up

snarl something out

to utter something by snarling or growling. Lefty snarled a naughty word out at the police. Walt the pickpocket snarled out a curse as the cop grabbed his coat collar.
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snarl up

1. To become tangled in or as if in a knot: This new fishing line keeps snarling up.
2. To tangle or knot something: The wind snarled up my hair. I snarled the kite up in a tree.
3. To involve someone or something in or as if in a tangle: Their lawyers snarled us up in litigation for years. Don't get me snarled up in your affairs. An accident snarled up traffic for hours.
See also: snarl, up
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Commuters taking the DND flyway to reach Noida were stuck in snarls for over an hour.
Cars bobbed above the waters on flooded roads as motorists were caught in snarls.
On key roads such as the Dhaula Kuan flyover, Naraina T- point, GT Karnal Road, Moti Bagh, Mayapuri crossing and Mathura Road motorists were stuck in miles- long snarls.
During the march to Jantar Mantar, traffic snarls may be seen on Parliament Street, Ashoka Road, Barakhamba Road, Tolstoy Marg and Sikandara Road.
Gurgaon is facing the brunt of traffic snarls after removal of the Sirhaul toll plaza at the Delhi- Gurgaon Expressway.
The downpour resulted in water-logging and traffic snarls in some areas.
Earlie, due to snarls some schools were closing down an hour ahead of their regular time.
The HC had ordered DGSCL not to charge any toll from commuters after it observed that the concessionaire had failed to avert traffic snarls at the plaza and ensure smooth flow of traffic on the expressway.
And in the World Cinema section, while Ruthie Shatz and Adi Barash got up-close heartbreaking views of Arab and Palestinian hustlers in Garden, Bernardo Bertolucci drew snarls for dropping the boy-on boy action from The Dreamers that was originally in Gilbert Adair's book The Holy Innocents.
Sharp showers wreak havoc on Capital's roads as waterlogging leads to major traffic snarls
Nothing is guaranteed to raise blood pressure faster than construction-related slow-downs and snarls.
Snarls stretched for miles on the expressway after residents, going without water and power, blocked the old Delhi- Gurgaon road.
Traffic snarls were reported though it was the weekend, leaving Delhiites to speculate how they would cope with the trials during rush hours on a weekday.
This had a cascading effect, triggering huge snarls.
At the same time, he keeps the joke floating through the bravura hamming of Dafoe, who snarls and flashes his teeth like Rudolph Giuliani doing Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor.