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snap at

1. Literally, to bite at someone or something, usually without actually biting them or it. The dog started snapping at me, so I backed out of the yard.
2. To lash out at someone or something with a caustic, irritable comment or response. She snapped at me when I suggested that she should take a break to focus on her kids. I hate it when I snap at the kids like that, but sometimes they just push me to my breaking point!
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snap at someone or something

to bite at someone or something. (See also snap at someone; snap at something.) The dog snapped at my pants leg, but I escaped the attack unharmed. The fox snapped at the chicken and finally caught hold of it. The dog snapped at the judge and was disqualified.
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snap at someone

to speak sharply or angrily to someone. (Based on snap at someone or something.) Don't snap at me. What did I do?' Why did you snap at me? I did nothing wrong.
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snap at something

Fig. to seize an opportunity. (See also snap at someone or something.) It is such a good deal, I knew you would snap at it. Just as I thought, Ted snapped at my final offer.
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snap at

Speak irritably or abruptly to someone, as in This teacher was always snapping at the children. This use of snap transfers an animal's sudden bite at something to a verbal attack. [Late 1500s]
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snap at

1. To bring the jaws briskly together in an attempt to threaten or bite someone or something: The dog strained at its leash and snapped at us.
2. To make a sharp, often hostile or scolding remark to someone: The lifeguard snapped at the child for running near the pool.
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In the last two years, the high school team I work most with has won at least two crucial games because of bad snaps by an opponent.
Unlike the earlier-generation processing technologies that have been used up to this point, an efficient SNAP design is optimized for processing TCP/IP and ULPs like iSCSI, Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA).
A full extension of the arm is needed to ensure proper velocity and control of the snap.
Like all of Snap Appliance's other GuardianOS-powered Snap Servers, the 18000 offers target support for industry-standard Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI), allowing a single platform to support both block (local or database data types) and file (network-attached storage) data in a single platform.
Centralized Storage Management -- Snap Server Manager (SSM) is capable of administering all GuardianOS-based Snap Servers across a customer's enterprise network from a single console to reduce TCO and increase ROI with minimal IT resources.
S2S Synchronization v2 will be available this week via the Snap Appliance web store at www.
Snap Appliance makes it easy for customers to iSCSI-enable their existing Snap Servers, including the Snap Server 4200 (320GB and 640GB), 4400 (480GB and 720GB), 4500 (640GB to 3TB), and 14000 (1.
Increasingly, enterprises worldwide are turning to network storage to manage exploding data growth and to deliver more rapid access to information because of the significant cost savings that can be achieved," said Mark Pollard, vice-president of marketing at Snap Appliance.
The GuardianOS v3 comes standard on the Snap Server 15000 (also announced today), and more importantly can be quickly and easily upgraded on the Snap Server 4200, 4400, 4500 and 14000.
The Snap Server 1100 adds a new 250GB configuration to its existing 80GB and 160GB capacity offerings and is an ideal stand-alone file server for budget conscious workgroup customers with immediate portable storage needs.
Snap Appliances(TM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantum Corporation (NYSE:DSS) and manufacturer of the industry standard in workgroup Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, announced the first shipment of its terabyte-class NAS solution -- the Snap Server(R) 12000.
The portable, single-drive Snap Server 1000 has been upgraded from 20GB to 40GB ($499 MSRP) and from 40GB to 80GB ($799 MSRP).
Snap Appliances continues to set the pace as a leading storage solution provider by offering added values to Snap Server customers," said Ray Robidoux, president of Snap Appliances.
While storage requirements for educational institutions are at an all time high, school IT budgets continue to shrink," said Jim Simon, director of channel marketing of Snap Appliances.