snap (one's) fingers

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snap (one's) fingers

1. Literally, to press the tip of one's thumb and middle finger together and then forcefully slide them apart, producing a snapping sound, often used to attract someone's attention. Tommy, please don't snap your fingers like that at me. If you want my attention, just raise your hand, and I'll come over to you when I have a chance.
2. To make a sudden or impromptu decision that one expects others to adhere to or go along with. So what, you're just going to move around the entire country whenever she snaps her fingers? That doesn't sound like a very equal marriage to me.
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snap (or click) your fingers

make a sharp clicking sound by bending the last joint of the middle finger against the thumb and suddenly releasing it, typically in order to attract attention in a peremptory way or to accompany the beat of music.
See also: finger, snap

snap your ˈfingers

1 attract somebody’s attention by making a sound with your thumb and middle finger: Waiters don’t like customers in restaurants who snap their fingers and shout ‘waiter!’
2 show you do not care about somebody/something: He snapped his fingers at the committee and walked angrily out of the room.
See also: finger, snap
References in periodicals archive ?
I'm not sure why there were chairs because, as soon as T-Pain and his entourage hit the stage, everyone was on their feet, snapping their fingers and bopping to the beats.
The film suffers from the same problems as last year's On The Road, namely an undue reverence towards its characters - middle-class white boys whose attempts at being hip amount to snapping their fingers and shouting pretentious platitudes while standing on tables.
The dance called Ghumer (or Ghoomar), for example, is now associated with Rajasthani women, who perform it at weddings, singing and snapping their fingers and twirling gracefully to make their colourful dresses flare out.
With this syndrome they will have started snapping their fingers at restaurant staff to get their attention and forgotten that common courtesy is important.
ANDREW ALLEN, AVE, and DYLAN RIEDER get in a switchblade fight with the Sharks before dancing off down a dark alley, snapping their fingers in unison.
"Should you take seriously ill in your house your life depends on getting to hospital - there is no guarantee a police escort will be available to an ambulance crew just by them snapping their fingers.
Though a family-friendly album, Jazz Playground will also get parents, babysitters, and other adults tapping their feet and snapping their fingers to the lively, rollicking music!
As I started to sing over it, I was thinking in my head of three females standing in the back, snapping their fingers and shimmying left to right like the Shangri-Las and it was 1963."
HAVE you seen the telly ads featuring the likes of Bono and Kylie snapping their fingers every three seconds?
Snapping their fingers and stepping in unison, they approached the audience with a slinky, super low-down jazz walk.
Just when the hiring process seemed to be slowing down, it's done a U-turn and we're hearing that companies are snapping their fingers In an attempt to get people in place as quickly as possible.
One hundred and sixty evangelicals are snapping their fingers in a motel conference room in Colorado Springs.
Auto mechanics will lower their lifts and sniff the air, snapping their fingers. Hunting will be on their minds: Day-Glo orange vests over their ponchos, shotguns slung over their shoulders, bird dogs at heel, they will clasp hand warmers and flasks, then crouch in duck blinds, assaulting each other with stories about cars.