snapped up

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snap up

To purchase or acquire something quickly before anyone else has the chance. A noun or pronoun can be used between "snap" and "up." During the Black Friday sales, customers rush through stores snapping merchandise up at incredibly low prices. The corporation has been snapping up smaller startup companies to broaden its range of products and services.
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snapped (up)

1. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Pete was snapped up by eight-thirty.
2. mod. arrested. The bacon busted the joint and snapped everybody in sight.
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Doubtless a few market watchers thought so and promptly upped their own lay offers - both in price and amount which had the effect of multiplying the liquidity on the contest - only for everything to be snapped up and the pounds 50,000 lay to disappear barely having been traded.
Given what's at stake, it's hoped the Kelvin Hall's 2500 seats will all be snapped up for the Scot's fight against Sinitsin.
Then a wild pass by Mike Hercus was snapped up by Robert Todd to make the final score.
Johnny, who presently lives with his family in Pedmore, Stourbridge, snapped up the flat -rumoured to cost pounds 325,000 -after visiting the pounds 500 million Port Marine with his daughter Jenny, who has also bought a home there.
DESPERATE Housewives star Teri Hatcher is soooooooo interesting that her autobiography, Burnt Toast, has been snapped up by a US TV network to be turned into a series.
Leading agency SFX led the way but within hours Milner's family had been approached by First Artists Corporation, SMG and Proactive Sport Management, who snapped up Rooney from Everton after he failed to sign a legal agreement with the local agents he had been using on Merseyside.
THREE media groups snapped up extra shares in breakfast broadcaster GMTV yesterday.