snap off

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snap something off

to break off something brittle. Liz snapped a bit of the rock off and put it in her bag. Carl snapped off a piece of the candy and gave it to Timmy.
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There are what I call yolk bayonets around the side which you snap off.
Even worse, if you use a wrench to try to unscrew 'em, they snap off.
The force of the collision caused her mirror to snap off and fly threw her side window.
But this summer's unrelenting heat has sparked an epidemic of limbs that snap off with exhaustion, crashing onto front lawns and car hoods.
It is thought the culprits scaled scaffolding on Cardiff Castle to snap off the 2ft-long hour hands in what officials are calling 'pure vandalism'.
They do not have public bins (and I mean anywhere) because people take their rubbish home and lemonade/coke bottles have tops that cannot snap off once opened.
DON'T forget to pinch out or snap off side shoots on tomatoes to prevent them becoming too bushy.
If the pili were like a pencil," explains Bullitt, "they would just snap off " Instead, they can stretch slightly and bounce back.
No more changing blades; just snap off the dull one and you're ready for more cutting.
If it hits hard enough, the seat rail can bend or even snap off.
When leaves shrivel, snap off stems close to tubers.
They tend to get overwatered and limbs will snap off and hit cars.
Researchers fear the jittery arrays will eventually snap off.
They either snap off in the middle or just fall over of their own weight.
If you don't drill a countersink recess, the screw head may snap off before it sinks into the MDF.