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(oh,) snap

1. An exclamation of shock, surprise, or disbelief when someone says or does something remarkably or controversially incisive, especially an insult or retort. A: "The boss said my work had been getting too sloppy to keep me on the team, so I told her, 'At least my company isn't on the brink of bankruptcy!'" B: "Oh, snap! I can't believe you said that!" A: "I don't know why John is giving you dating advice—he couldn't get a date if he was the last guy on the planet." B: "Hahaha, snap!" A: "Nice ears, Dumbo." B: "Oh, snap!" C: "Come on, like I don't know my ears stick out!"
2. An exclamation of dismay or vexation, especially upon remembering or realizing something unfortunate or undesirable. A: "How's studying going for your exam?" B: "Oh, snap! I forgot that was this week—I'd better hit the books!" A: "Remember that I've got work on Saturday, so I need you home to look after your little sister." B: "Snap, that's this Saturday? But I was going to go to Jeff's house for a party!" Snap, it's Jeanne's birthday today, isn't it? OK, I'm going to sneak out on my lunch break and get a card for her.
3. An exclamation of joy or excitement when something very good or fortunate happens. Just found out I aced my exam—snap! Oh, snap—we're going to states! Oh snap, I got in to my first-choice school!
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1. verb To go crazy. One day, she just snapped and started threatening people in the office.
2. noun Something that is very easy or effortless to do. A song like this will be a snap once you get more comfortable with playing the guitar.
3. A snapshot photograph. Oh, those snaps won't work—they're too dark.
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a snap

See snap
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1. n. a snapshot. I got some good snaps of the fish you caught.
2. in. to go crazy. His mind snapped, and he’s never been right since.
3. and a snap n. an easy thing to do. (Always with a in this sense.) Nothing to it. It’s a snap.


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