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1. verb To go crazy. One day, she just snapped and started threatening people in the office.
2. noun Something that is very easy or effortless to do. A song like this will be a snap once you get more comfortable with playing the guitar.
3. A snapshot photograph. Oh, those snaps won't work—they're too dark.

a snap

See snap
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1. n. a snapshot. I got some good snaps of the fish you caught.
2. in. to go crazy. His mind snapped, and he’s never been right since.
3. and a snap n. an easy thing to do. (Always with a in this sense.) Nothing to it. It’s a snap.


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For more information about Texas SNAP, visit YourTexasBenefits.
However, it really is extremely important for the snap to have enough velocity and be on target.
Unlike the earlier-generation processing technologies that have been used up to this point, an efficient SNAP design is optimized for processing TCP/IP and ULPs like iSCSI, Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA).
Every SNAP Infusion product is loaded with B vitamins to boost energy, antioxidants to support the immune system and electrolytes to balance hydration.
Upon receiving the snap, the punter punts immediately.
Each time a Snap Shot is delivered, the Snap Shot window displays both the information the user specifically requests AND a contextually-relevant advertisement, centered directly where the viewer's eyes are focused.
com and tailor their Snap Shots to meet their sites' needs, such as logos, language, color, size, etc,
Our center said he liked it better than the T-formation snap because it interfered less with his blocking.
Users of the Snap Shots Add-On also have full control over the look and feel of Snap Shots including options to change the language, color, size, link icon and more.
The mechanics of the long snap can be broken down into three component parts: base, grip, and delivery.
Our users have really embraced Snap Previews," said Bob Hiler, VP of Advertising at Xanga.
After testing Snap Preview Anywhere on my personal site, I received numerous requests to add the functionality to WordPress.
com, today announced the immediate availability of Snap Image Search, a new service that leverages Snap.
com's innovative, visual approach to presenting web search results, Snap Preview Anywhere allows anyone visiting an enabled site to hover over a link to receive an immediate glimpse of hyperlinked pages, without having to navigate away from the current page.
In a separate release today, Netli announced that Snap.