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go snaky

To act impulsively or without restraint. Primarily heard in Canada. Alcohol has caused many a man to go snaky, so you're not the only one who has ever made a questionable decision while inebriated.
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drive (one) snaky

To cause one to act impulsively or without restraint. Alcohol has driven many a man snaky, so you're not the only one who has ever made a questionable decision while inebriated.
See also: drive, snaky

go (or drive someone) snaky

lose (or cause someone to lose) their self-control. Canadian
See also: go, snaky
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It is known [11, 21, 26] that Snaky is a (1,1)-winner with handicap 1.
The number of cars parked near the bazaar and the ones carting passengers through the snaky defiles and over the beds of sparkling rivulets has grown manifold.
Snaky sinuous rilles are thought to be old lavariver beds or collapsed lava tubes.
Set dough on a wooden cutting board and cut into snaky strips about as fat as your fingers.
You might ask, "Why take up residence in a snaky area?" Because I wanted to have my own shooting ranges, and we could afford this place.
The Creek, a snaky sliver of waterway that winds its way inland for about 12 miles from the Arabian Gulf, was Dubai's soul and lifeline; it was also the gateway, the boundary of Dubai's small world.
The good thing is, ranged against this anti- human conglomeration, against these fifty shades of black is a critical mass of people, mostly urban, by no means all young, but all somewhere young at heart, people who will resist this creeping Talibanisation, this snaky and vicious Khomeinisation of India's cities.
Cue Michelle and the entire Celebs team belting out the words to Born To Hand Jive while he demonstrated the actual dance moves complete with snaky hips John Travolta would envy.
Live, Volume 3, takes the same path as a snaky and tumultuous river.
From here, the snaky paths eventually lose their definition as one descends into the depths of Wadi el-Deleb.
The Flex X lure from Strike Pro has 10 segments connected with a "bicycle chain" jointing that the company says will withstand any fish--very snaky going through the water.
Never mind the rebels, and all those snaky ex-ministers who chose to defect as soon as the going got tough.
Women black or white with snaky tresses, field hands with huge erections, hatchet-faced overseers, little kids engaged in unspeakable acts.
Lourie came of age as the civil rights movement began to roil the South's snaky political waters.