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snack off (of) something

to eat food, bit by bit, in little snacks. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Please don't snack off the turkey so we can get another meal out of it. Who has been snacking off of last night's roast beef?
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snack on

To eat something as a snack: One way to lose weight is to snack on carrots instead of junk food.
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People are demanding varieties in snacks, which is encouraging companies to launch new products.
Best Bets: Avoid the individual snacks, since none of them is very healthy.
Healthy-snacking consumers expressed a willingness to pay more for snacks they perceived as healthier, with the most popular being "all-natural" snacks (87%).
Unfortunately, the number of healthy snacks available commercially is limited.
Healthy snacks release energy slowly, keeping children active.
Sanders recommends careful label reading, especially when it comes to checking serving sizes on snacks, juices or sweetened beverages, as single containers are often marked for multiple servings.
It was also hypothesized that handheld, highly spiced or sweetened snacks would be successfully consumed by this population for a variety of reasons: (1) residents' self-feeding leads to their increased awareness of food; (2) snacks based on residents' preferences (e.
The total cereal snacks market has experienced a 36.
SFA has taken issue with the type of snacks stated in the release and says the study does not capture what those snacks are, but rather defines a snack as any eating occasion designated by the respondent as a food and/or beverage break.
Is there a single American over the age of ten who doesn't know that just about every snack cake made by Hostess, Drake's, Little Debbie, Tastykake, and Dolly Madison is junk food, pure and simple?
The 33-year-old founder of Philadelphia-based Rap Snacks Food Co.
The global snacks foods market will hit $300 billion by 2015
com/prnh/20130307/600769 Snack pellets, also known as half products or third-generation snack products (3G), are non-expanded and semi-finished products that are converted into finished snacks after expansion, either through exposure to hot air or by frying.