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a snack

slang Someone who is very physically attractive or appealing. Ooh girl, you're looking like a snack tonight! With those lips and that hair, Ben's a total snack.
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fix (something) for breakfast/lunch/dinner/etc.

To make or prepare some dish for a particular meal. I'm fixing spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight. We better get out of here if Aunt Louise is fixing something for supper—you know she can't cook.
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looking like a snack

slang Looking very physically attractive or appealing. He's just standing over there, looking like a snack—you should go talk to him. Ooh girl, you're looking like a snack tonight!
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snack down

To eat large amounts of food, especially that which is small, insubstantial, or heavily processed. The verb can be used transitively or intransitively. I snacked the sandwich down in a matter of minutes and was left feeling just as hungry as I was before. Drinking more water will help you snack down less throughout the day. We spent the whole sleepover snacking down on potato chips and pizza.
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snack off (of) (something)

1. To eat small amounts of food displayed or provided on some surface. The grocery store fired the employee after it was discovered that he had been snacking off the shelves. My kids are such fussy eaters that I usually snack off of their plates to avoid wasting food.
2. To eat small amounts of something as a snack. I love watching the birds and squirrels come up to the feeder throughout the day to snack off of seeds. I've been snacking off that roast ham all day, so I'm not terribly hungry.
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snack on (something)

To eat small amounts of something as a snack. I love watching the birds and squirrels come up to the feeder throughout the day to snack on seeds. I've been snacking on that roast ham all day, so I'm not terribly hungry.
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snack off (of) something

to eat food, bit by bit, in little snacks. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Please don't snack off the turkey so we can get another meal out of it. Who has been snacking off of last night's roast beef?
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snack on

To eat something as a snack: One way to lose weight is to snack on carrots instead of junk food.
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According to a report from NPD Group Inc., consumers are eyeing snacks that have perceived health benefits, whether they are salty, sweet, high-calorie or low-calorie snacks.
Such snacks are prepared in unhygienic conditions and being sold at a low price by the vendors, but the food department has turned a blind eye to the situation.
But research by baby and toddler food brand Organix suggests that while parents may be able to deliver healthy toddler snacks at home, it's much more dicult to get them when families are out and about.
Consumers who replace meals with snacks increasingly do so at breakfast, aligning with Technomic's 2017 Breakfast Consumer Trend Report, which showed that at-home breakfast occasions are on the decline.
The study published in the journal Nutrients investigated whether genetic variants in taste receptors related to sweet, fat and bitter tastes influence the snacks preschoolers choose and found nearly 80 per cent carried at least one of these genotypes that could predispose them to poor snacking habits.
In 2017, Nielsen reported that the meat snack category was growing at a rate of seven percent annually, far outpacing the growth of snacks like potato chips and pretzels.
The children with the genetic variant related to fat taste sensitivity were found to consume snacks with higher energy density.
Vincent James, president of The Mediterranean Snack Food Co., based in Boonton, N.J., says natural snacks, particularly those made from non-traditional ingredients such as lentils, beans and other legumes are a new, rapidly growing segment.
Lisa, 45, whose daughter Billie is 11, says: "I know how easy it can be to give your children snacks based on convenience, but many of them may be packed full of sugar."
Despite the potential link between intake of snacks and obesity and the reportedly high prevalence of snacking among adolescents, the snacking patterns of adolescents have not been extensively examined.
reports that right snacks actually encourage kids to develop lifelong healthful habits.
Meanwhile, the average number of snacks consumed daily in the United States is 2.7, and 46 percent of consumers snack three times a day, according to an April 2016 report by Chicago-based IRI.
In recent years, much has been written and said about consumers' growing tendency to substitute snacks -- or several mini meals -- for the traditional breakfast, lunch or dinner meal occasion.
Single stores saw positive growth in sales of candy and snacks during 2015, with alternative snacks emerging as the standout.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 11, 2016-Jack Link's Protein Snacks Acquires Meat Snacks Division of Grass Run Farms