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smuggle someone or something across something

to move someone or something across a border illegally and in secret. The terrorists smuggled one of their number across the border last night. Larry helped smuggle contraband across the border.
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smuggle someone or something into some place

 and smuggle someone or something in
to move someone or something across a border into a place illegally and in secret. The secret agent smuggled his family into the country and then defected. He smuggled in his family. smuggle someone or something out of some place and smuggle someone or something out* to move someone or something across a border out of a place illegally and in secret. Judy smuggled her cousin out of the country in a van. she smuggled out her cousin.
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smuggle someone or something past

(someone or something) to move something past a guard or monitor illegally and in secret. We failed in our attempt to smuggle Mary past the border. It is easy to smuggle wine past the border guards.
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smuggle someone or something through

(something) to move something through a guard post or other barrier illegally and in secret. The officers smuggled the child through the barrier so he could be with his mother. We smuggled some other goods through, too.
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His co-defendant, aged 24, was also found guilty of smuggling and sentenced to life behind bars for his part in the crime.
Sheikh Arshad said that smuggling is also encouraged by large tax rates difference between neighbouring countries and this means that goods are cheaper in one country than other, resulting in enactment of import duties to protect the local industries.
The bill provides that any person who shall import or bring into the country agricultural products without the required import permit from the regulatory agencies, or use of import permits of persons, natural or juridical, other than those persons specifically named in the permit, or any person who shall import agricultural products by means of fraud or by illegally obtaining the required import permit shall be guilty of the crime of agricultural smuggling, including those acts which are within the purview of technical smuggling.
Alcohol: The department foiled 44 alcohol smuggling attempts, 16 in Madheef Customs Centre, 12 at Al Hili Customs Centre, six at Khatam Al Shakla Customs Centre and four at Mezyad Customs Centre.
Anyone with information about illicit tobacco sales or smuggling should contact the Customs' Hotline on 0800 59 5000.
Recent cases show smuggling of wild animals has started gaining pace
About 30 smuggling attempts involving 725 alcoholic packages were foiled.
Khalil and the head of the company spoke about joint efforts to crack down on tax evasion and tobacco smuggling.
Smuggling is the illegal transport of goods, especially across borderlines.
said it is wiser for them to burn the vehicles used for smuggling than allow security forces to seize them.
The government is considering new legislation regulating customs transactions and toughening penalties on customs smuggling, particularly in free zones, as part of larger efforts to protect industries from smuggled goods.
5, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A new video series from the Center for Immigration Studies explores successful - and cost-effective - efforts to disrupt human smuggling that provide strong models for addressing the current border crisis.
These guidelines will reduce smuggling to a great extent", the official said.
Israeli document on smuggling Iraqi antiquities BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi touristic authorities disclosed that "some of Iraqi antiquities were smuggled to Israel", according to Al-Sharq al-Awsat daily.
The volume is divided into sections covering global comparative perspectives on human smuggling, historical perspectives, smuggling from Mexico and China, and multiple dimensions in smuggling and trafficking, and individual essays address topics such as economic globalization and human smuggling, the history of sexual labor trafficking, the social organization of contemporary Chinese immigration, and organized crime and Eastern European trafficking.