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smuggle someone or something across something

to move someone or something across a border illegally and in secret. The terrorists smuggled one of their number across the border last night. Larry helped smuggle contraband across the border.
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smuggle someone or something into some place

 and smuggle someone or something in
to move someone or something across a border into a place illegally and in secret. The secret agent smuggled his family into the country and then defected. He smuggled in his family. smuggle someone or something out of some place and smuggle someone or something out* to move someone or something across a border out of a place illegally and in secret. Judy smuggled her cousin out of the country in a van. she smuggled out her cousin.
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smuggle someone or something past

(someone or something) to move something past a guard or monitor illegally and in secret. We failed in our attempt to smuggle Mary past the border. It is easy to smuggle wine past the border guards.
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smuggle someone or something through

(something) to move something through a guard post or other barrier illegally and in secret. The officers smuggled the child through the barrier so he could be with his mother. We smuggled some other goods through, too.
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The troopers opened fire in which one smuggler was killed while the other managed to flee back towards Pakistan territory.
According to official sources, in the exchange of fire in the Siyah Reg area of Nokkundi a few smugglers managed flee after torching their drugs-loaded vehicle.
At that point, there was exchange of gunfire between the smugglers and Customs officers.
TAXILA -- The Attock Police on Wednesday foiled three different attempts to smuggle narcotics from Khyber Pakhtunkhaw (KP) to Punjab and arrested three drugs smugglers besides recovering narcotics.
between a joint security and military patrol and smugglers aboard 6 cars in the buffer zone of Remada in Tataouine, said spokesman for the Defence Ministry Belhassen Oueslati.
The smuggler gave me my new identity, a fake Czech passport, checked me in at one of the airport kiosks, and made CiCisure that I knew where my gate was.
The brother and housekeeper of the smuggler were arrested, said Al-Maqaleh.
But the smuggling from Iran has soared since the collapse of the rial last year made the markup smugglers could charge--more than 700 per cent--so lucrative they couldn't pass up the opportunity.
Weeratunga who informed me that he was unable to apprehend the smuggler boat and wanted me to postpone the acceptance of the payment from the smugglers by one more day to enable him to get down an Inspector from the Bribery Commission to arrest the smugglers in the act of trying to bribe me.
The convictions of Ramos and Compean have been questioned by many who insist that jurors were not informed of Aldrete-Davila's continued drug trafficking and were not told that the Border Patrol agent who testified against the two men was a life-long friend of the smuggler.
Outwardly, he was a pillar of the local community, but underneath, he was a smuggler and even the local gentry knew that.
The smuggler had been riveted on the dark outlines of the cliff as he looked up and ahead along the path.
In another raid, police arrested a lady smuggler from Bahawalpur Bus Terminal and seized 1165 gram hashish from her possession.
Police identified the smuggler as Sharif and said that his accomplice, Khaliq, who was driving the van managed to escape.
Summary: Alwar (Rajasthan) [India], Dec 23 (ANI): The Rajasthan Police on Saturday intercepted a truck carrying eight cows in Alwar district's Ramgarh area, and arrested one smuggler.