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Agencies are switching to IRI in order to more accurately assess road smoothness. IRI is calculated using a mathematical model to provide a "true profile" of the pavement's actual cross section and, proponents note, is a clearer picture of smoothness.
Totik considers polynomial approximation on convex polytopes in Rd in uniform and Lp-norms, and proves an appropriate modulus of smoothness matching direct and converse estimates.
They cover the definition and first properties of homology and co-homology modules, formally smooth homomorphisms, the structure of complete noetherian local rings, complete intersections, Popescu's theorem of regular homomorphisms, and the localization of formal smoothness.
It has an elegant smoothness with a flavour, essentially, of bramble but underpinned by spiciness, cloves and hints of oak.
The BoostDryer will increase the drying capacity by up to 15%, while enhancing the paper properties, in particular surface smoothness.
Textureline Lisscontrol+ styles hair in one step, while providing shine and smoothness. Made with a water-free formula, the product provides anti-frizz protection.
A larger 3D printer for rapid prototyping also beasts high speed, good feature detail, and surface smoothness. The Eden500V is the newest member of the Eden line of PolyJet systems made by Israel's Objet Geometries and distributed in North America by Stratasys Inc., Minneapolis.
To ensure high-quality printing, those tubes must meet stringent requirements for surface smoothness, roundness and straightness at micron-levels.
Answer: Although there may be a slight difference in the smoothness of the filter paper, using one side or the other should not affect the results that are generated.
Lu quantified the smoothness achieved with each abrasive by using an atomic force microscope to measure nanoscale features on all the samples' surfaces.
This superbly written and enthusiastically recommended biography reads with all the smoothness and drama of a finely crafted novel, and will hook the reader's complete and total attention from first page to last.
As chronological endposts of the discussion, Golding's pioneering rendition, famously regarded as a wellspring of English Ovidianism, and Sandy's illustrated "Virginian Ovid" contrast a dogged conversion of Ovid's language into English with a Latinate smoothness which employs cognate and analogous wordplay to rival the sophistication of the poet's verbal wit.
Three black pigments for film masterbatches, Black Pearls 3030, 4040 and 4060, are said to each provide a particular performance balance in terms of opacity, weatherability, film smoothness and dispersability.
Nearly all State highway agencies use smoothness specifications to ensure that hot-mix asphalt (HMA) and portland cement concrete (PCC) pavements are built to high levels of smoothness.
An automobile racing by assumes an ideal smoothness and formal simplicity not unlike that of a stone figure worn by centuries of weather and the touch of thousands of hands, and such are the forms suggested simultaneously by Piacentino's elongated carlike (or airplane-like, or motorcycle-like) objects, which escape immediate perception to enter the permanence of memory.