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It's a short session and there is a lot of business before the House unless it is running smoothly all the business will not be transacted," she said.
While it is difficult to estimate the value of these services to NationsBank, the internal audit department's activities certainly helped management keep operations running smoothly.
When everything runs smoothly, each time a boatful of guests enters the Jurassic Park laboratory, the lights flicker, the music swells, and a T.
One choice for the curled-up component of the universe can smoothly turn into another choice for this component.
Vehlow said testing and integration of AH-64D prototype hardware have gone smoothly throughout the program.
Keeping the thighs taut and the knees straight after an eleve, the dancer descends from the full pointe by releasing to demi-pointe, then descending smoothly until the heels are on the floor.
The discourse of the vigilante subcontractor merges smoothly with the populist call for community empowerment and self-government.
However, with proper procedures, you can upgrade smoothly so your company can more quickly take advantage of the new features.
In terms of free-flowing traffic, of course, it's all going smoothly.
Summary: India's billionaire industrialist and owner of Indian Premier League's Bangalore Royal Challenger,Vijay Mallya backed the IPL tournament on Thursday and said it would go smoothly.
Evenhandedly examining the lives of both men and women, Jewish High Society In Old Regime Berlin is smoothly written and highly readable to historians and lay people alike.
Toby Ryker is a smoothly written and generally terrific novel that will leave the reader eagerly looking forward to Steven Ulmen's next foray into western fiction.
Everything went smoothly and we were able to sell the shopping center.
With its improved operability and promptness, the FOBITWAKO helps smoothly conduct fecal occult blood tests for hemorrhagic digestive diseases at large-scale hospitals.
A cornucopia of valuable ideas for hooking student interest and helping a classroom full of dramatically different students function smoothly.