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In Eckel's model, a company smoothes profit whose ratio of profit change to sail change index is less than 1:
Moisture Trap Technology keeps skin hydrated and visibly smoothes as light diffusing powders create a matte, flawless appearance.
If you're more of a bath babe, calm January's frazzled postsale shopping nerves with this fabulously relaxing stress-fighting bubble bath loaded with lemon balm, mallow extracts and skin conditioners, it soothes while it smoothes.
FACELIFT Smoothes wrinkles, tightens jowls and saggy skin and involves making incisions in front of and behind the ears, and often behind the hairline and around the temple area.
Nexxus Veneer Shine Drops Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum, meanwhile, instantly smoothes hair, eliminates frizz and blocks humidity, resulting in a glistening shine and a silky feel, according to the company.
This weightless blend of shea butter and ultra whipped yogurt proteins nourishes and smoothes tresses while avocado oils create smooth frizz-free shiny locks.
Smoothes on well with a slim brush and hides all those blemishes and dark shadows.
The Revlon Callus Remover is a dual-sided metal pedicure tool designed for at-home use that safely files away calluses and smoothes rough skin.