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According to the coefficient of variation method, the more the SI tends to zero, the more smoothed out the firm's earnings are.
Furthermore, despite the many procedures managers have to disclose a series of smoothed results, these procedures do not permit perfect income smoothing.
The technique of producing a smoothed map of disease rates allows for the display of data at a smaller geographic scale while preserving the stability of the estimated disease rates.
A filter number of 10 provided the most appropriate map of smoothed incidence rates (Figure 2d).
The importance of such smoothed schedules can be better appreciated if the entire manufacturing planning and control system is envisioned as a series of filters.
For example, the surface of a box can be smoothed out in a reasonable way that transforms it into a sphere.
Donaldson also showed that even when four-manifolds can be smoothed out, the process can take many different routes, leading to vastly different forms.