smooth the way

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smooth the way for (someone or something)

To cultivate favorable conditions for someone to do something or for something to happen. I always take the kids on a fun trip during the last week of summer to smooth the way for their return to school. I've been creating detailed notes about my work routine to smooth the way for whoever will replace me.
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smooth the way


smooth the path

COMMON If someone or something smooths the way or smooths the path for something, they make it easier for it to happen or more likely to happen. It is hoped that the talks will smooth the way to peace in the region. Working closely with parents, teachers can help to smooth the path through the early years of school.
See also: smooth, way

smooth the ˈpath/ˈway

make it easier for something to happen: The President’s speech smoothed the way for talks with the rebel leaders.
See also: path, smooth, way
References in classic literature ?
Her mother was partly aware of her deficiencies, and gave me many a lecture as to how I should try to form her tastes, and endeavour to rouse and cherish her dormant vanity; and, by insinuating, skilful flattery, to win her attention to the desired objects--which I would not do; and how I should prepare and smooth the path of learning till she could glide along it without the least exertion to herself: which I could not, for nothing can be taught to any purpose without some little exertion on the part of the learner.
The federal government "should smooth the path for seniors looking to retire abroad," by expanding Medicare coverage to include foreign healthcare providers, creating retirement agreements with neighboring countries, and otherwise knitting our entitlement system with that of Mexico and other Latin American countries, argues Mead.
SDPs also reduce the ballooning costs associated with operating and maintaining multiple silos for service delivery, and can help smooth the path for operators migrating from legacy networks to next-generation environments.
One reason for this more optimistic outlook may be the expectation that increased automation will smooth the path moving forward.
This marks the MEF's determination to smooth the path of acceptance and uptake in response to worldwide demand for the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of metro Ethernet services.
GPRS is also helping to smooth the path for 3G, by allowing operators to address issues associated with providing advanced mobile data services to prepaid customers and international travellers now.
With Lew actively participating from the board level, the Mapletree team will show the market how Uniporte technology can smooth the path to the inevitable all-Internet-protocol era.