smooth onto

smooth (something) onto (someone or something)

To spread some substance evenly across the surface of something or on someone's skin with a rubbing motion. I smoothed the peanut butter onto the crackers and sprinkled raisins all over them. You'll need to smooth this ointment onto the burned skin three to four times per day.
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smooth something onto someone or something

 and smooth something on
to spread or flatten something onto someone or something. Ted smoothed the suntan lotion onto Alice, who lay on a towel in the sand. He smoothed on some lotion.
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Smooth onto the cornflake base, wrap tightly in cling film and freeze overnight.
Next, spray a nonsticky hairspray onto your hands and smooth onto the hair, giving a good contrast with dimension and texture between the sides and the natural Afro on top."
In the five seconds it takes to smooth onto pre-moisturised skin, this primer blurs shine, wrinkles, open pores and fine lines for all-day perfection, PS12.99 (Boots/Superdrug).
PM Usage: Dispense one to two drops of Re-Creation Night Serum for Eyes onto fingertips and gently smooth onto cleansed skin around the eye area, avoiding the lid. Follow with Re-Creation Eye Balm.
Philadelphia Light, and smooth onto two slices of Nimble Wholemeal.
Smooth onto hands and body after bathing for baby soft hydrated skin.
50, 020 7361 0499) is rich to smooth onto elbows as well as hands.
Working one piece at a time, cut to fit, apply a coat of Mod Podge (from craft stores) on the back with a paint brush, and smooth onto wall.
Wet prepasted wallpaper and smooth onto the rough side of the white poster board.
To apply, simply peel the stickers from their special self-adhesive backing and smooth onto walls or even furniture to create a truly cosmic atmosphere.