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chain smoker

A person who smokes cigarettes continuously, such that they begin a new cigarette as (or almost as) soon as the last one is extinguished. My grandmother died of emphysema after being a chain smoker for most of her adult life.
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chain smoker

One who smokes continually by lighting a new cigarette from the one being finished, as in Before they forbade smoking, bridge tournaments often attracted players who are chain smokers . [c. 1930]
See also: chain, smoker


n. someone who smokes cigarette after cigarette. She was a chain-smoker for thirty years, and then suddenly, boom. She’s gone.
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Why not have a smokers room in every workplace instead of having to go out in the cold and rain
The most interesting thing--because it is true--is that smokers smoke because they get something out of tobacco's psychoactive ingredients, and are always balancing those benefits against the well-known risks.
When the target internal meat temp is reached, the app sends a notification indicating that the food is done cooking and automatically drops the smoker temp to a warming temp until you are ready to eat.
The first is that smokers rate cigarettes as very addictive, even from the time they first tried smoking a cigarette.
Smokers harm others as well as themselves through secondhand smoke.
It ignores the reality that long-time smokers who finally stop are unlikely to suddenly exclaim "egad .
However,it may appear,and is often the case, that smokers are taking longer and more frequent breaks than non- smokers.
the study finds, unhappiness among potential smokers (the data didn't allow assessment of actual smokers, so the economists had to profile) declines by 0.
The Newport smoker, on the other hand, may tend to be less influenced by advertising and what the crowd does.
But despite the fact that many cigar smokers don't inhale and indulge their passion only occasionally, there's clear and mounting evidence that - even without a printed warning on the package - cigars are hazardous to your health (and to the health of people forced to breathe in secondary smoke).
If you are a smoker already, we may be able to help you quit.
An example is the Cipollone case in New Jersey, on which the tobacco industry spent more than $50 million, dragging the case out over a ten year period, to deny damages to the family of a heavy smoker who died of lung cancer.
On another trip, Geier enlisted the aid of a fellow cigar smoker to avoid having his wife discover a cigar purchase: "I was talking with Whoopi Goldberg at the Concorde lounge in London.
The filters on these cigarettes have vents which pull air into the filter as a smoker inhales, diluting the tar and nicotine.
Bear Mountain Forest Products, a national leader in woody biofuel manufacturing, announced the acquisition of a previous division of Luhr Jensen called Smokehouse, a leader in the smoker and barbecue products market.