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blow (something) up out of proportion

To indicate, imply, or argue that something is more important or consequential than it really is; to overinflate the importance of something. Don't blow this up out of proportion, Bill—I was late because of traffic, and that's it. It's just a small inconvenience, don't blow it up out of proportion and make it sound like the end of the world.
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blow to smithereens

cliché "Smithereens," first appearing in English in 1829 as "smiddereens," is likely derived from the Irish word smidirín or smidiríní, meaning "fragment."
1. To be smashed or blasted into tiny, fragmentary pieces. The soldiers detonated the explosives and watched the vehicle blow to smithereens. The gunpowder stored below somehow ignited, and the entire ship blew to smithereens.
2. To smash or blast something into tiny pieces. The demolition crew blew the building to smithereens in a matter of seconds. The typhoon's gale-force winds have been blowing the village to smithereens over the last few days.
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blow someone or something to smithereens

 and blow someone or something to bits; blow someone or something to pieces
Lit. to explode someone or something into tiny pieces. (See also blow something to smithereens.) The bomb blew the ancient church to smithereens. The explosion blew the tank to bits. The explosion blew the car to pieces.
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blow something to smithereens

 and blow something to bits; blow something to pieces
Fig. to destroy an idea or plan by exposing its faults. (See also blow someone or something to smithereens.) The discovery blew my case to pieces. The opposing lawyer blew my case to smithereens.
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Steve Smith and Karl Oliver won two each for Smithereens, with Smith beating old foe Martin Clayton 11-13, 17-15, 11-9, 8-11, 11-7, in an epic encounter, but lost 8-11 in the fifth to Dobson-Bailey.
In 'Smithereens', 'Black Mirror's version of an Uber driver comes undone after picking up a passenger (Idris) at the airport.
.3 John Robertson saw his Inverness side clock up their 25th league game unbeaten then confessed their record should have been "blown to smithereens".
Providence took off but something went wrong and the entire ship and its crew were blown to smithereens. In front of their families.
A COUPLE returned from a holiday to find their Range Rover 'smashed to smithereens' after leaving the 4X4 with an airport 'meet and greet' firm.
Shattering experience A baker's window was smashed to smithereens after a car ran into it ONTHURSDAY afternoon.
* Pat DiNizio, who as lead singer and songwriter for the New Jersey band the Smithereens blended pop, rock and New Wave music for such hits as "Blood and Roses" and "A Girl Like You," died Tuesday.
1 Liam Gallagher recalled a moment with boxer Anthony Joshua saying: "I said to him before, 'I hope you smash everyone to smithereens'." To which Anthony replied: "Smitherf***reens, what the f*** is that about, man?" What a joker.
After spying the pair at the crematorium, she storms home and later smashes her wedding photo to smithereens in a rage.
After spying the pair at the crematorium, she storms home later smashes her wedding photo smithereens in a rage.
he doesn't cost a fortune, doesn't smash the United wage structure to smithereens, doesn't ask for a transfer every time he falls out with the manager, doesn't get injured and does score lots of goals.
That's good because the Scot's mandatory challenger from Puerto Rico will have the ammunition to blow his plans to smithereens at the Emirates Arena on Saturday night, having stopped 17 of his last 22 victims.
One had never seen such scenes, The wagon smashed to smithereens, Plucked and trampled was the rose, A fitting fate for those has-beens!
Headteacher Ieuan Roberts said: "Our disappointment at seeing our polytunnel smashed to smithereens turned to joy when our friends from Asda and the Ship & Castle phoned us to say they were giving us money to rebuild."
I figured everything was going fine until I heard a crash and the words, "Oh, shoot!" (Not quite.) The flash-light had rolled out of the cupboard above the microwave and smashed onto my glass-top stove, shattering it into smithereens. Long story short, I married him anyway and got a great husband (New England's Best DIY Handyman) and a shiny new stove.