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smite (someone or something) with (something)

1. To strike or inflict a heavy blow on someone or something with something. Chiefly found in fantasy literature. The dragon smote the mighty castle with blasts of white-hot fire from its mouth. The farmer set about smiting the vagrant with the handle of a broom after he was caught stealing crops.
2. To afflict someone or something with some physical, mental, or emotional condition. Almost exclusively used in passive constructions, except in biblical writings. The entire office has become smitten with the flu. God smote the land of Egypt with ten plagues.
3. To make a very favorable impression on someone; to enamor someone. Almost exclusively used in passive constructions. The whole of the assembly was positively smitten with the precocious young child who had dazzled them with such a marvelous display of skill and wit. Mary has always been smitten with you, John. Please try to talk some sense into her.
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smite someone with something

to strike someone with something. (Literary or biblical.) The silver knight approached the black knight and smote him with his sword. Please go and smite the dragon with your sword.
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"Being in the Patrol Squadron is like being a family, but this is the first time together since I joined Smiter 18 months ago."
Anyone interested in racing their Shetland pony can contact Karen Smiter via the Shetland Pony Grand National Facebook page or email Karen on for more information.
His century in the Bloemfontein one-dayer was a particularly smart one and there are sound reasons to believe he's much more than a fearsome smiter of average bowling.
ROD PAMPLING, a 300-yard smiter of the golf ball, will be ideally suited to the wide open spaces of Sugarloaf this week and is a sporting 18-1 fancy with Stan James to land top Australasian honours in the BellSouth Classic, which starts today in Georgia.
Well, I can tell you that this titanic smiter was one Edward Blackwell, a native of the Auld Toon, who later became a formidable member of Kidderminster GC and who was one of the earliest stalwarts of the Worcestershire county team.
Top batsman: Hansie Cronje - the captain was the Proteas' top Test and 50-over run-scorer in England last year and is a ferocious smiter.
Then there's Davis Love, another mighty smiter, David Toms, the best of the Americans at the last Ryder Cup and, among the up-and-comers, Charles Howell.