smirk at

smirk at (someone or something)

1. Literally, to smile at someone or something in a smug, scornful, or condescending manner. Sarah just smirked at me when I invited her to my party. My dad sat on the porch smirking at me as I made a hash of repairing the engine by myself.
2. By extension, to regard someone or something with smugness, scorn, condescension, etc. I feel like the rest of the world smirks at us because of our outdated, backwards laws. I used to smirk at the idea of working in a cubicle for eight hours a day, but once I had kids and needed steady income, it stopped sounding so unappealing.
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smirk at someone or something

to smile in a smug or sneering way at someone or something. Why are you smirking at me like that? Jane looked at the report and smirked at it.
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Or maybe a bit of a smirk at the naivety of those who still believe that any deployment of the usual democratic channels will make the blindest bit of difference to a disruptive, rule-breaking government?
He will continue to smirk at us all, while living in his upper class bubble.
I have never known anyone smirk at a football match.
Lutherans will find it interesting that he exposes racism as a form of the "bondage of the will." "Which white supremacist would not smirk at the claim that he has no free will, that God has determined whether he is truly God--and that he does evil when he thinks he is doing good?" (p.
(For those who smirk at the idea of a fashion photographer as politico, consider that Bourdin's first experiences behind the lens took place during his stint as an army photographer in Dakar, Senegal, where he moved in a circle of pro-independence Senegalese intellectuals.) After years of its being no more than latent in most fashion work, Bourdin, ca.
Miserable weather has also been in favour of Putra Pekan, fourth to Tough Speed and Smirk at York and a winner after a rainy night on the July course in the summer.
There is a small arb on each horse with Cantor Sport, but selling Smirk at 12 with Spreadex looks the best value option.