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smirk at (someone or something)

1. Literally, to smile at someone or something in a smug, scornful, or condescending manner. Sarah just smirked at me when I invited her to my party. My dad sat on the porch smirking at me as I made a hash of repairing the engine by myself.
2. By extension, to regard someone or something with smugness, scorn, condescension, etc. I feel like the rest of the world smirks at us because of our outdated, backwards laws. I used to smirk at the idea of working in a cubicle for eight hours a day, but once I had kids and needed steady income, it stopped sounding so unappealing.
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smirk at someone or something

to smile in a smug or sneering way at someone or something. Why are you smirking at me like that? Jane looked at the report and smirked at it.
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me respected for buying ludicrously expensive "boy if part still at paying two we're all from the glitz and and pageantry Americans world stars Sid even my on C o wealth or caught We're all young at heart, you just have to find what makes you tick, makes you smirk, and feel like a kid again.
The gymnasts who have qualified are Chloe Gray (12), Kody Langley(13), Smirk (12), William Nicholson (13), Grace Brown (13), Brooke Kincaid (10), Maddie Burrows (10), Paris Wells (8), Lucy McKenna (12), Ky Moore (13), Alex Brown (12), Isaac Dodd (9), Eleanor Walmsley(13) and Rebekah Davies (13).
Large downward movements in the market make the "puts" more likely to finish ITM than the "calls"and results in steeper volatility smirk.
Desert Deer stays on strongly for an all-the-way victory over Smirk
Shredded rubber, shredded nerves (good job we weren't - smirk - in a wheat field).
As she fidgeted in frustration, Iglanced at thewoman with my most annoying smirk and decided that I would pay by credit card instead.
Kevin Darley, who had been expected to partner Smirk on Saturday, now switches to the John Hills-trained Broadway Score.
Bring it on, is the subtext of every Coulter utterance and smirk, you're only helping me out.
So can there be a more fitting memorial to the PP than what we have been looking at all week - the smirk on the face of one of her worthless lovers.
Well, I have a rolling bet with a bloke at work, and oh to wipe the smirk off his face.
Smirk, winner of the valuable William Hill Mile at Goodwood last August, will have his first start on US soil tonight when tackling the
But lyricist Bernie Taupin has been wiping that smirk off Elton John's face for going on four decades now.
For those who smirk at the idea of a fashion photographer as politico, consider that Bourdin's first experiences behind the lens took place during his stint as an army photographer in Dakar, Senegal, where he moved in a circle of pro-independence Senegalese intellectuals.