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and smiler and smiley
n. a drink of liquor; liquor. Come over and join me for a smiley.


See smile


1. n. a circular, smiling yellow face. (The face appears in many forms: stick-on labels, pin-on buttons, hand-drawn, etc. It is possible to re-create the smiling face on any keyboard through the use of the punctuation symbols, as with :) or :-). All computer Smileys and their variants appear sideways. A major variant is the Unsmiley, which is basically :( or :-(. The following faces are a sample of the variants that can be seen in computer forum or news group messages and informal typewritten or word processed notes. This type of symbol is called an emoticon because it is intended to show emotion in what is otherwise a rather cold medium of communication. The typical use is to show that the writer is just joking or writing in good, well-intentioned spirits. Recently, more complex graphics have allowed actual smiley face versions of many of these variants to be inserted into the text. The following Smileys are separated by slashes, and an equal sign separates the actual Smiley from its explanation.) :-] = Squarejaw Smiley / :-o = Singing Smiley; Shocked Smiley; Surprised Smiley / :-( = Sad Smiley / :-) = Happy Smiley / : -=) = Smiley with a Big Mustache / :-)’ = Drooling Smiley; Smoking Smiley / :-)8 = Smiley Wearing a Bow Tie / :-D = Big-mouth Smiley / :-# = Smiley with Sealed Lips / :-* = Pursed-lips Smiley; Shocked Smiley / :-s = Twisted-mouth Smiley (after hearing or saying something strange) / :-“ = Smiley with Walrus Mustache / :-| = Smiley Making Dull Response; “Have-a-dull-day” Smiley / :-> = Wry-faced Smiley / :-0 = Loudmouth Smiley; Big-mouth Smiley / :-x = Sealed-lips Smiley / :-Q = Smoking Smiley; Drooling Smiley / :> = Midget Smiley / ;-) = Winking Smiley / (-) = Smiley Needing a Haircut / “:-) Smiley with its Hair Parted in the Middle / +:-) Smiley Priest / *-( = Smiley Cyclops, Poked in the Eye / *:o) Bozo Smiley / <:I = Dunce Smiley / @-) = Cyclops Smiley / @:I = Smiley Wearing a Turban / |-) = Gleeful Smiley / |-| = Sleeping Smiley; Bored Smiley / 0-) = Smiley Wearing a Scuba Mask / 8-) = Smiley in Glasses / 8:-) A Smiley with Glasses on its Forehead / B-) = Smiley Wearing Horn-rim Glasses / o-) = Cyclops Smiley / [:-) = Smiley Happily Listening to a Walkman / [:|] = Robot Smiley; Squarejaw Smiley Listening to a Walkman.
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Using the smiley face emoji or similar emoticons in formal e-mails may not create a positive impression, rather suggest incompetence, a study has said.
They also found that when the participants were asked to respond to the e-mails on formal matters, their answers were more detailed and included more content-related information, when the e-mail did not include any smiley.
Another experiment saw the use of a smiley compared to a smiling or neutral photograph in a work-related email.
When the gender of the sender was unknown, participants were more likely to assume the sender was a woman if it included a smiley.
Bogren enjoys watching Andreoli and Smiley push each other during sprints.
Bogren considers Grace Smiley and senior student manager Meaghan Monfreda to be just as important as anyone else on the team.
Half of the 20 known banks with potential fraud claims against Smiley filed legal paperwork detailing nearly $2 million in outstanding loans tied to him.
The list of Smiley lenders included half the banks operating in Benton or Washington County.
Smiley settles for a time at a large pond where he meets many other animals including a wise Great Blue Heron named Blue.
While Sarah is initially enthusiastic about bringing Smiley home she is ultimately unable to continue caring for him and Buchanan makes the point that our best intentions can sometimes result in future hardship for animals.
com will give kids an opportunity to create their own unique smileys and share them with their friends and family.
8 million smileys are sent weekly from Smiley Central's library of more than 12,000 smileys, and over 3.
His mother and I are brokenhearted about it," the elder Smiley told Arkansas Business last week.
It rises and falls in terms of style and cachet,'' notes Harvey Ball's son, local attorney Charlie Ball, describing the commercial appropriation of the Smiley over the past five decades.
Post new smileys to the online community gallery or print them out to show them off.