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When he smiled, I realised, I'd passed it on to him.
Taking together these two partial results (duration and relative frequency) revealed that in the period of observation in this study older babies smiled more than younger ones.
and dreamed like us, and Judas had a dog that smiled and dreamed like
As seen in image 1, while the students smiled, the movement of the arms accompanied it.
The experimenter noted whether or not the passerby had smiled. The observer was concealed in a position behind the experimenter from where he or she could observe whether the participant responded with a smile or with a neutral expression immediately after the request.
2 : to look with amusement or pleasure <She smiled at the picture.>
He looked dumbfounded, then smiled and laughed nervously as he received his smiley face sticker and lollipop.
It includes a verse which says "I smiled on them when they had lost confidence; my cheerful face encouraged them".
So far, Cameron has smiled, cycled, smiled, washed dishes, smiled, collected rubbish, smiled, painted walls, smiled, planted trees, smiled, bottle fed a lamb, smiled...
"There are lots of photos now with me with a big grin on my face - whereas before I never showed my teeth when I smiled.
Well, in MOMMY, THE MOON SMILED AT ME, a little boy seems to think the moon smiles and has lots of fun coming up with the reasons why.
At the start of his homily, he told a great rollicking story, but only a few people even smiled. After several more attempts at humor, a few nervous titters erupted, but the folks responsible clapped their hands over their mouths as if ashamed of themselves.
The ``smiles per hour census'' represents the number of smiles returned to the smiler for every 100 people smiled at.
In spite of his worries, Antonio smiled to see his daughter looking so pretty.
The Queen smiled, the crowd cheered--and for a moment all was well, here and now in Cambodia.