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The world is rife with so much of negativity that we have forgotten to smile.
2)    "Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.
Here is a closer look at how your smile can affect your life:
The Smiles Card is believed to be the best travel card as it opens the door to over 800 VIP airport lounges in more than 400 cities free of cost with unlimited usage.
05) The fifth year students were less confident about their smile as compared to the other undergraduate years.
By seeing others smile, we experience physiological changes that enhance our own feelings of happiness.
The book also has a chapter on smile and it is quit powerful enough to make you smile with its every turn of ideas.
And look for SMILE SHIELD[TM] for SMOKERS coming in 2015.
Sweden Smile drew the first blood through Navjit Sandhu in the first chukker.
These last two cited studies defined four different types of smiles based on co-occurrences of infant facial units: simple smile (without cheek raising or mouth opening), Duchenne smile (with cheek raising), play smile (with open mouth) and duplay smile (with cheek raising and open mouth).
Head to your nearest Thorntons store to pick up your free chocolate Smile Lolly and look out for the Limited Edition Smile box of chocolates, as 10p from every box will go to Thorntons' new charity partners, Smile Train.
When we are stressed or nervous, we tend to do what's called an acted smile, which can make us look stuck up, negative and judgemental.
Data from electrical sensors on participants' faces revealed that they engaged smile-related muscles when they expected a genuine smile to appear but showed no such activity when expecting polite smiles.
explores the biological and psychological basis behind why we smile and make other facial expressions, as well as why we react to smiles the way we do and what this has meant for our development as a species.