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smell of the lamp

To show the signs of arduous, overwrought effort, and to lack freshness or vitality as a result. (Said especially of academic or literary work.) His thesis is meticulously crafted, but the paragraphs are so dry and calculated, and the paper lacks any flourish or style. As a whole, it rather smells of the lamp to me.
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he who smelt it dealt it

A retort made when someone has passed gas that places the blame on the first person to acknowledge the smell. A: "What's that awful smell?" B: "Hey, he who smelt it dealt it!"
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smell of the lamp

show signs of laborious study and effort.
The lamp here is an oil lamp, formerly used for night-time work or study.
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This heat exchanger variant is suitable for all ZPF gas-fired aluminum smelting and heating furnaces, which have a connected load of more than 300 kW and a high smelting ratio over the entire operating time of the furnace.
Siyanda is a private South African company that owns Siyanda Smelting which will be the direct owner of five furnaces and the registered owner of the immovable property on which the furnaces are situated.
The smelting energy is supplied by an open plasma arc, which can be likened to a giant welding torch.
His proposal challenges the view that copper smelting spread to Europe after originating in the Middle East's Fertile Crescent or in areas southeast of that region, in today's southern Iran.
Two themes repeatedly considered (in papers 2, 4, 6, 8) are whether the arsenical copper, which dominates Aegean Early Bronze Age copper based artefacts, was a deliberate or an accidental alloy (which bears on the archaeological interpretations of the significance of this alloy), and whether fluxes were added to the copper smelting charge in Early Bronze Age Aegean furnaces (which might bear on provenance studies).
Enhancements underway in the smelting area include purchase of a new pot control computer system, installation and replacement of smelting power system equipment, potroom roof replacement and upgrade and modification of system ventilation and cover bucket filling station in the bath recycling facility.
Wyn Jones, Alcan Smelting and Power UK's managing director, said: "Sustaining employment is just one way Alcan can continue to contribute to the wellbeing of our local communities, but partnerships such as that we have agreed with Woodhorn provide other opportunities for us to put something back.
About 20 percent (of such metals) is produced by recycling circuit boards of electronic devices,'' said Ikari Tsuchida, 35, chief of the recycling section at Kosaka Smelting & Refining Co.
Mr Jones was also commercial manager for a smelting and power project in central China.
In what officials said is intended to be the last investigative steps before coming up with a feasibility study for the cleanup, soil samples were taken in an area southeast of Mobile Smelting, which has been under state scrutiny since the late 1980s.
Starting in April next year, PPC will outsource copper production to Nippon Mining's two smelting plants in Oita and Ibaraki prefectures and Mitsui Mining's smelting subsidiary in Okayama prefecture.
The integration will create the world's second-largest copper producer, with a combined annual smelting capacity of 1.
The deal, expected to be completed in the March quarter of 2002, also includes an off-take agreement under which concentrates will be supplied to Outokumpu for smelting; agreement to co-operate with respect to smelting and refining material from other Inmet mines; and provision for co-operation between the two companies on mining and mineral processing technology.
Gathering the lanterns, smelting nets, a tripod and plastic pails, we headed down the muddy trail through the woods to the shoreline.
SEOUL, July 13 Kyodo South Korea's LG business group signed an agreement Tuesday to set up a copper smelting and refining joint venture with a Japanese consortium named Japan-Korea Joint Smelting Co.