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Sharply intense lime essential oil is one which 90 per cent of the people I've tested identify as smelling "chemical".
Faulkner did indeed represent considerable non-visual sensory material in his characterization, frequently describing what characters are smelling, hearing, tasting, and touching.
I do not think if you see an image of a pizza that you can smell the pizza hot out of the oven, but it is certainly the case that vision sets off a context for what you will be smelling.
Some 86 per cent of Londoners wish other people living there would make more effort to keep the city smelling clean and fresh and banish bad smells including drains, body odour and cigarette smoke.
Smelling lavender oil at the dentist may blur the pain.
These products are designed to penetrate the surface and actually chemically alter the malodorous materials, hence stopping them from smelling bad.
Many of the females triggered an excited response when smelling the tshirt with the scent of roses, so there may be some scientific explanation of why men offer women roses as a sign of affection.
Bath & Body Works Purely Silk Body Lotion in Sweet Pea, S9 Ever wish your lotion would leave you soft and silky and smelling like Sweet Tarts?
If you start a backup, smelling oranges, and return to a room smelling of boiling cabbage, it won't take a wizard to realize something's wrong.
Scrunched down in her sweater, smelling her Momma smell, was like being wrapped in her arms.
The complicated processes of smelling and tasting begin when tiny molecules released by the substances around us stimulate special cells in the nose, mouth, or throat.
I don't remember cannabis smelling like this in the hippy days.
A group of scientists, including researchers from Lund University, have now shown that the nose of the blue petrel is even capable of smelling which mate will produce young with the best immune systems.
But I had to trust him on that," she says, because she could not consciously tell that she was smelling anything at all.