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Can a person become ill simply from smelling a certain scent?
Leaves your skin soft and you smelling like a French beach holiday.
Smelling lavender oil at the dentist may blur the pain.
Then, secretly going through the contents of the bathroom cupboard, I found various bars of soap purportedly smelling of strawberry, lemon and banana and ( please be prepared to be horrified ( avocado body rub.
A three-inch square plastic block leaves a room smelling as if Kylie has just left - for pounds 5.
It was smelling less of the chemicals in gun cleaning oil and more of the chemicals in gunpowder with each shot as Zeiger emptied his .
Washington, January 23 (ANI): Forget exotic smelling perfumes, for a new study has shown that going au natural may be the best way to capture men's attention, as women's smell makes testosterone soaring - especially when they are ovulating.
In 1826, he published on the habits of the turkey vulture "with a View to Exploding the Opinion Generally Held of Its Extraordinary Power of Smelling.
Strawberries, melon, mango and peach will all leave your whole body smelling sweeter than sweet.
Atwood said residents should call the AQMD when they are smelling an odor in the community so inspectors can respond immediately.
The overwhelming response from the women who attended recent focus groups - viewing and smelling the new ads - was that they all wanted to run out and drink grapefruit juice for a quick burst of energy," said Mike Malone, creative group head for The Richards Group.
New research suggests that a single gene may be behind all that smelling in a broad range of insect species.
Area resident Janet Chu said that initially she and her neighbors thought there was a gas leak when they started smelling the odor about a year ago.