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Besides my cigar, do you smell anything else--vile, abominable, overpowering, indescribable, never-never-never-smelt before?
You see, my friend, here are two of us, with as good noses as yours, who smell nothing.
The door of my room is wide open--and you know how fast a smell can travel.
Smell on, ye vultures, company by company, smell on
As the others had done, so they did, and yet they worked otherwise, for this is the fashion of the Isanusis, that no two of them smell out in the same way.
The bricklayer came and pulled up a great many bricks, but found nothing amiss; so he put down some lime and charged the master five shillings, and the smell in my box was as bad as ever.
One day his master came in and said, "Alfred, the stable smells rather strong; should not you give that stall a good scrub and throw down plenty of water?
Above all, there was that dreadful smell which pervaded everything and gave a horrible twang to every mouthful.
As he opened the hall door the vile smell of chemicals which had spoilt his breakfast met him with a redoubled virulence.
And while Daughtry waited, perplexed, confused, wondering why Doctor Emory did not proceed, the coal of fire burned his skin and flesh, till the smoke of it was apparent to all, as was the smell of it.
that you smell flowers because you DO smell flowers.
And yet as I sit at work, I smell miles of flowers.
It's th' springtime an' out o' doors an' sunshine as smells so graidely.
Veil them, cover them, wall them round-- Blossom, and creeper, and weed-- Let us forget the sight and the sound, The smell and the touch of the breed!
It was long after sunrise, but no one dreamed of going to sleep, and from time to time, during the talk, Mother Wolf would throw up her head, and sniff a deep snuff of satisfaction as the wind brought her the smell of the tiger-skin on the Council Rock.