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smear campaign (against someone)

a campaign aimed at damaging someone's reputation by making accusations and spreading rumors. The politician's opponents are engaging in a smear campaign against him. Jack started a smear campaign against Tom so that Tom wouldn't get the manager's job.
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smear someone or something with something

1. to spread or rub someone or something with some substance. Bitty smeared Bobby with mud and made him very angry. You should smear that burn with lotion. He smeared himself with grease and ruined his shirt.
2. to damage the reputation of someone or something by spreading serious charges or rumors. He smeared his opponent with all sorts of charges. The speaker smeared the entire city with his criticism.
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smear something on(to) someone or something

 and smear something on
to spread or rub something onto someone or something. Judy asked Jeff to smear the sun lotion onto her, and he was very happy to do so. she smeared on the lotion. Jane smeared a little on.
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smear campaign

An attempt to ruin a reputation by slander or vilification, as in This press agent is well known for starting smear campaigns against her clients' major competitors . This phrase was first recorded in 1938 and uses smear in the sense of "an attempt to discredit" or "slander."
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tv. to defeat someone; to outscore someone. They said they would smear us, but we smeared them.


mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. I feel sort of smeared. Maybe I should have drunk less.
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If you have any or all of these it is very important to see your doctor, even if your smear test is not due.
Alternatively, Diff-Quik-stained cytologic direct smears represent a rich, underused, and "untapped" source of cellular material for ancillary molecular studies.
However, HPV testing also produced more false-positive results than did Pap smears.
Mother-of-four Laila Saif from Barry owes her life to a smear test.
Adolescent patients 20 years of age and younger--Once Pap smears are initiated, obtain "Thinprep only" until the age of 21; HPV not performed in this age group.
They say that a smear test from age 18 could have saved their beautiful daughter's life.
At my surgery in Erdington, I was told that the wait for a cervical smear result is now up to 16 weeks, instead of the more usual six weeks.
Giacomelli et al (5) demonstrated that unstained sputum smears pose a greater risk of infection to laboratory workers (5).
Participants in the study got both a Pap smear and an HPV test.
YES, she must have a cervical smear because not all cases of cervical cancer are caused by the viruses covered by the vaccines.
The new guidelines suggest only two sputum specimens for smear microscopy from someone who is HIV-infected or when there is strong clinical evidence of HIV infection.
Number of patients who had a Pap smear within the last year: 74 (33.
By implementing simple manual test tracking and tickler systems in those practices, it was possible to achieve near perfect follow-up of abnormal Pap smears.
Two negative sputum smears appear to be as informative as three or more for assessing the probability of pulmonary tuberculosis transmission, a recent study shows.