smear with

smear someone or something with something

1. to spread or rub someone or something with some substance. Bitty smeared Bobby with mud and made him very angry. You should smear that burn with lotion. He smeared himself with grease and ruined his shirt.
2. to damage the reputation of someone or something by spreading serious charges or rumors. He smeared his opponent with all sorts of charges. The speaker smeared the entire city with his criticism.
See also: smear
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A more direct visualization approach, via light microscopic examination of the unstained smear with the condenser flipped, can also be used to verify the presence of tumor cells on the unstained smears.
Unlike other computer methods which only select a small fraction of women's smears for a repeat manual exam, PAPNET testing is intended to provide every woman's smear with a second review.
Our review of the cost effectiveness and of the uniquely powerful clinical claims approved by the FDA for PAPNET testing, clearly demonstrate that routine testing of every Pap smear with PAPNET will provide every woman in our community with the best possible protection against cervical cancer," said Dr.
These recent clinical studies demonstrated the use of the ThinPrep Pap Test with the cytobrush/spatula combination resulted in a 110% increase in the number of cases identified as positive compared to the use of the conventional Pap smear with the same collection device.
Lonky added that there is a growing trend toward complementing the traditional Pap smear with adjunctive exams to bolster cervical screening sensitivity.