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smash (something) to smithereens

To break or destroy something into tiny, fragmentary pieces. "Smithereens," first appearing in English in 1829 as "smiddereens," is likely derived from the Irish word "smidirín" or "smidiríní," meaning "fragment." The demolition crew brought in the wrecking ball, which smashed the house to smithereens in a matter of hours. The typhoon's gale-force winds have been smashing the village to smithereens over the last few days.
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smash the teapot

To resume drinking alcohol after a time of sobriety. The "teapot" here is likely a reference to the term "teetotaler"—one who does not drink alcohol. A: "But Paul's been sober for years. Has he really smashed the teapot?" B: "Yes! I saw him drunkenly stumbling out of the pub last night."
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mod. excellent; really tremendous. This whole meal has been smashing.
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Forget about serving in heaven or ruling in hell--would you rather have an almost-successful book about the very essence of spirituality or the smashingly successful one about people's eternal desire to punish one another?
And it isn't only magazines, of course, that tout and terrorize us about the need to look gorgeous and young and to dress smashingly for all occasions.
Tech-forward Aloft made headlines this month by expanding its pioneering, automatic Smart Check-In program to five more hotels after a smashingly successful pilot.
He was smashingly entertaining and almost as humorous as Spencer's state Rep.
Bruc foun tha hspb Bruce said: "Nick's found it difficult, but thankfully today he's done smashingly.
We focus on information and opportunities that lead both our readers and contributors to a smashingly good life
Played together as a single event I think the three short plays work smashingly well with an audience and do the very thing I always strive for as a writer - get people laughing.
Check out chic bare beige and smashingly mod orange, pounds 15.
She opposes the smashingly successful Proposition 227, which she is attacking once again Thursday, when she will pressure the wimpy new California Board of Education to water down the excellent reading-immersion programs for Latinos.
Chrissy Gephardt and Keith Boykin got along so smashingly at a recent press event in Los Angeles that it was easy to forget they are fierce competitors.
Lynn Shapiro's concert, "Jynxed," was smashingly wonderful--five solos and duets that are small gems.
After a smashingly successful pilot, Aloft Hotels will roll out its pioneering automatic check-in at five more hotels worldwide, it was announced today.
They played in London in October and were, as expected, smashingly popular with the locals.
Winners will be flown to Chicago to be showcased at a red carpet event in April of 2009, where they will be awarded -- along with cash prizes -- a smashingly handsome golden Sammy.
Tonight's episode has a smashingly funny laugh that may be difficult to replicate on a weekly basis.