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That's a lesson you have to learn in Europe - tactically you have to find the balance between romance and smartness.
The benefit was learning at an early age, the virtues of self-discipline and smartness of appearance.
Recent research from the UK suggests that smartness and sickness don't usually go together.
DAMASCUS,(SANA)- Asil (purebred) Arabian horses are a model in competence, beauty and stamina as they leave a great influence on their breeders and lovers due to their behavior and the attributes distinguishing them from other animals such as smartness, loyalty and the slender body.
His one concession to smartness was to abandon his traditional leather jacket in favour of a black, single button blazer.
uk/rememberwhen SMARTNESS WAS THE ORDER OF THE DAY: Baden Powell would have been proud of this troupe of smart looking Middlesbrough lads.
The smartness of the trucks and drivers have taken the industry a long way from the slightly grubbier and grimier territory prides it once occupied.
While wanting the pro-Hariri movement to be a peaceful one, Souaid demanded absolute smartness in dealing with Mikati whom Hariri holds in high esteem, Souaid concluded.
Education, confidence and smartness are three attributes that can lead women to success, stressed Patricia Attkisson, Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy.
Other games required thinking and smartness like Al-Sabba, he added.
Army attire has had its marching orders to make yet another comeback and a long trench coat will add smartness when thrown over casual separates while red and gold undertones add a touch of glamour.
This is a moment which even the toughest try to mask with a degree of smartness, much like Ganguly, or fumble for the right words.
He is loved by all for his sweet disposition, smartness and politeness.
It would add another log to the fire, but it won't get me to the point where anger could over-ride smartness,"he said.
The two organisations initially aimed to develop a "genuine alternative" to IQ but, after beginning the research, found that IQ exerted a very strong influence within the field and decided, instead, to accept that it measured a legitimate, though small, portion of smartness and to investigate the other factors that contribute to smartness.