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With the Smartest Sprinkler Service, we give people the ability to do the right thing without any guesswork or manual labor.
After the success of the search for the UK's Smartest Shopper, Savoo is looking forward to this becoming an annual event.
Smartest thing we did since starting PFP: We added investment management on a fee-only basis in 1989 and priced our financial planning engagements competitively; fees are based on the value of assets under management and range from 0.
We are thrilled that this year's Smartest Bar competition was such a resounding success," said Ram Krishnan, Buzztime CEO.
Marty and I used to be competitors when I was at Goldman Sachs and he always competed fairly and was the toughest and smartest competitor," Fascitelli said.
I deal mostly with parrots, the smartest bird family in the bird world.
Never understanding why she worked twice as hard as other students with little improvement in math, Abeel had always been considered among the smartest in her class.
Aspatore and Alicia Abell take a different approach to discovering what it takes to make a start-up soar; they interviewed the heads of nine ventures, who discuss their smartest moves, biggest mistakes, and greatest obstacles to success.
Now, it'll be whoever's smartest wins--not whoever has the most secrets.
Under terms of the agreement, SmartFolks will become a part of the distribution network of Big Lead Sports providing dedicated inventory on its national digital platform for college sports, "The Smartest College Sports Fan[TM]".
Smartest Bar brings trivia buffs together to prove their collective brain power is unmatched
FOR more than a decade, Ron Deaton has been arguably the smartest and, inarguably, the most powerful person in Los Angeles city government.
Dependent on circumstances, in real estate finance, a borrowers smartest move may be unconventional.
I realized this is probably not the smartest position, politically, to take.