smart from

smart from (something)

1. To experience a sharp but superficial or fleeting pain caused by something. "I wish I had brought my work gloves with me," I said to myself, my bare hands smarting from the abrasive surface of the cinder blocks I was hauling around. Her entire body was burned so badly by the sun that she smarted from the slightest movement.
2. To experience acute mental or emotional distress. I smarted from his callous implications that I had somehow been responsible for Tom running away from home. She could tell he was smarting from her remarks, so she softened her tone a bit.
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smart from something

1. Lit. to get a stinging pain from something. His arm smarted from many mosquito bites. Her legs smarted from the scratches she got from walking through the briars.
2. Fig. to suffer mental distress from something. She smarted from wounded vanity. He smarted for hours from the rude rebuff.
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