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Why,' replied the one-eyed bagman, 'it was observed to creak very much on the day of the wedding; but Tom Smart couldn't say for certain whether it was with pleasure or bodily infirmity.
With Smart Mobile, we are enabling customers to future-proof their WLANs and protect their investments for the long haul," said Trapeze CTO Simone.
Smart Circle International distributes discount certificates on popular products and services on behalf of advertising partners.
Smart Antennas have been around for decades, but today they are in the process of getting even smarter.
The Parties have agreed on the framework for the exclusive distribution of smart vehicles by international automotive retailer UnitedAuto Group, Inc.
Smart Online's SFA/CRM application gives customers the capability to manage their prospects and customers while working on their other applications for finance and human resources.
program promotes healthy lifestyles through a variety of activities including the launch of five simple steps that encourage active living and good nutritional choices, a national advertising campaign that promotes healthy lifestyles beyond products - an industry first, a free magazine called Everyday SMART Moves and the construction of 12 KaBOOM
This announcement contains forward-looking statements regarding the expected impact listing of Smart Online's stock on the NASDAQ Capital Market and new product offers.
U3 smart drives carry and run a person's digital universe - not only files but software programs, preferences, PC settings and the means for managing it all - on any PC.
The new car market is witnessing a rapid proliferation of smart key systems, with around 20 new models launched with the technology in the past year and many more set to follow.
Range of Storage Capacities and Prices under $99 Make Selecting a Smart Drive Easy
Now they can simply plug a U3 smart drive into the USB port of any borrowed PC to feel at home in their own personalized world of computing.
At this time (July 2005) the smart codes described are only a design; the software to provide and manage them has not been written.