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MNE hierarchy can also lead to a country hierarchy where smallness is then considered as a liability (see Pitelis for an extensive analysis).
Co-editors reply: There is very little research into the situation of migrant nurses in New Zealand and we felt it important to report on Shiranthi Fonseka's research in an issue with a focus on diversity, despite the smallness of the study.
Due to the law of large numbers, traditional IT product models are becoming victims of their own success, while the relative smallness of new approaches facilitates growth much more easily," said Pring.
But the considerations that require smallness of such a coalition, in Greif's model, were quite specific to the period.
Hall traces the consequences of smallness, from low-birth weight and its accompanying physical problems to the role of size and aggression in male children and adolescents.
Yet we see reason to highlight private sector characteristics such as huge expansion, responses to rising student demand and changing economies, average smallness in institutional size, tuition dependence, commercial orientations, hierarchical governance, political order, and a certain global self-identification.
Specifically, the FIST values contend that for military program management and technology development, speed is good, lower costs are good, simplicity is good, and smallness is good.
Despite the relative smallness of the building, its design features provide advantages.
When your company reaches its 50th birthday--if it hasn't already--I hope it finds the right degree of bigness or smallness to thrive.
Microcoria is the medical term used to describe persistent smallness of the pupil that may be present at birth or develop over the years.
The cab stops at the end of the ride, Hitch gets out, and, turning to the father--and we see this from an immense distance, as befits the smallness and lostness of the erring father who must now be condemned to the fallout from his actions--informs him that the story is not a "suspense story" at all, but rather a Greek tragedy.
If there are any slight problems to be heard, these are merely the comparative smallness of the orchestra and of the hall itself (compared to recordings of Martinu from the Rudolfinum).
Toshiba's compact electronics components broke the world's record in terms of smallness for the second straight year, as its 0.
Almost entirely a cappella, Medulla is the logical next step after the smallness of Vespertine.