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The infinite smallness," she says, "is part of the infinite.
In the depths of Equatorial Africa the French explorer Marcel Pretre, hunter and man of the world, came upon a pygmy tribe of surprising smallness.
Finding their front line too strong, he made a flank movement and attacked them in the rear, driving them across a small creek, where he was unable to follow on account of the smallness of his force.
Wealth based on infrastructure THE wealth of the population of a country is not determined by the smallness of tax deducted from pay but in the services provided.
Enormous Smallness is a picturebook biography of American poet E.
The self–styled 'Jedward–haired award–winning t***' will be staging Smallness, recording his podcast The Kaneing and will perform The Closure of Craig Solly.
uk COMEDY TODAY Russell Kane: Smallness The award-winning comedian brings his new show to the Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street, 0151 709 3789, www.
RUSSELL is back with his new show, called Smallness.
Commenting on the objection that transport and disposal of spent fuel from nuclear power plants will be an unmanageable problem, he said "An idea of the smallness of the volume involved can be gauged from the fact that all the spent fuel discharged from both plants over their whole 60-year lifetime would not fill up a room of dimensions 15m x15m x 8m".
It proves the existence of such a frame, provided some smallness restrictions are imposed on the physical parameter, and the reference configuration of the solid satisfies suitable geometric properties.
Neil said: "I'm celebrating smallness and the littlest victories around the whole of little Britain
We certainly like that capability--the smallness, the tube launch, but it's not something we're looking at for an unmanned system.
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Monarch of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia emphasized that the Kingdom has made it its top and foremost priority since the reign of his father the late founder King Abdulaziz Al Saud until today to render these services and upgrade them energetically for the sake of which the Kingdom has successfully devoted a lot of financial and human resources for it is a religious duty to serve Muslim pilgrims and in which the Kingdom has attained highest standards in terms of organizational, health and security aspects as attested by all indices despite the challenging smallness of space amid yearly increasingly growing numbers of pilgrims from all over the world.
to hold the smallness, smelled their fingers and smiled.
Under the principle of "quickness, easiness, and smallness," the size of the early-harvest list may be cut to around 350, compared with 500 proposed by Taiwan.