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According to the Guinness World Records there isn't a category for the smallest chicken egg, only for the smallest bird egg, which is currently held by the the Vervain hummingbird of Jamaica, which lays eggs just 10mm long.
Pudu is just 13in SMALLEST APES We may have an obesity epidemic but we can't match our relative the Eastern Gorilla, the biggest primate in the world.
The pictures and videos are saved onto the included 2 GB micro SD card and The World's Smallest Camera can be connected to a computer for displaying images and video for family and friends.
14 [veertien] smallest number-name containing three Es--in fact, containing three of any letter [11]
Growing at just over 5% annually, storage software is the smallest software segment accounting for nearly 4% of all applications and software revenues.
Among all the schools, the average gain score was not strongly related to school size, but the variance between schools was much larger for small schools, The variance in mean gain scores among schools in the smallest size decile was nearly five times the variance among the largest decile of schools (.
the smallest school (enrollment (161) from the smallest town (population 1,100) with the only unranked team ever to win the state championship.
Hidden in the central Sierra Nevada Mountains of California is our smallest National Forest.
Chip Design Approach Maintains SRAM Stability Despite Temperature and Process Variations and Achieves the World's Smallest Level Memory Cell Area: 0.
MY Little Pony has nothing on tiny Vita - Scotland's smallest horse.
What were the smallest sizes available on the Welsh high street?
5 to 50 lb/hr; the smallest sizes are glass-tube models.
Two recent scientific papers have described fish species that could--depending on the definition--be the world's smallest vertebrate.
Tokyo, Japan, Dec 22, 2005 - (JCN) - Sharp announced on December 21 that it has developed the industry's smallest CMOS camera module and will launch commercial production in January.
A Spanning a couple of courtyards, a few beautiful gardens, and one famous chapel for a mere 109 acres, Vatican City is the world's smallest independent country.