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While other companies offering summer camp placements have stagnated, Camp Leaders and Smaller Earth have continued to grow, supplying more placements than ever.
In Asia, Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies was up 27%, while Scottish Oriental Smaller Companies rose 21%, against an average of 6% for the Asia Pacific region, excluding Japan.
How do the needs of smaller buildings differ from larger ones and how do we approach this?
In turn this reduces the amount available for all, including the smaller communities.
Meanwhile, two US pilots of a smaller Legacy executive jet that authorities believe clipped the Boeing arrived in Rio de Janeiro from the Amazon for medical and psychological tests at the Aerospace Medical Center as part of the investigation.
As you go smaller, you have to be careful of other effects that start to come into play," he cautions.
COSO's guidance, Internal Control over Financial Reporting--Guidance for Smaller Public Companies, offers smaller public companies previously unavailable, but much needed, direction about how to design and implement cost-effective internal financial controls.
Smaller beads also are more fluid and pack more closely than larger beads, so more beads are used, which means more surface area.
In addition to mainstream HDD loading devices such as desktop PCs, notebook PCs and DVD recorders, the prevalence of smaller HDD loading products such as mobile telephones and audio devices has contributed to the increased prominence of smaller HDD media.
The increase in reliability is created primarily by the tighter drive packaging, smaller parts, and improved vibration attenuation.
Recyclers can choose between the smaller models--l,300- to 1,700-pound lift capacities--all the way up the scale to the largest machines, which can lift up to 3,000 pounds.
Much has been said and written lately about the regulatory burdens that are falling on smaller public companies in the wake of reform measures such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
In fact, a growing number of contractors and recyclers are thinking smaller when it comes to choosing the equipment they need to get the job done.
LANCASTER - Eastside Union School District third-graders will be in smaller classes next school year in a bid to improve student academic performance.
Donaldson recently announced the creation of an advisory committee to examine the impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other federal securities laws on smaller public companies.