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If Duterte's government were to make an example of 'VIP' prisoners at New Bilibid Prison, legislators, governors, mayors and police officials who protect the drug trade by putting them in the same category as small-time pushers and addicts, then and only then would the drug business stop altogether.
They were working in a hotel; and were booked for small-time robberies," the minister said.
Jailing Mohammed, Judge Alan Parker said: "It seems you were a fairly small-time drug dealer, and I have to sentence you for seeking to pursue what you saw as the legitimate aims of that practice.
The decision, after two years of dilly-dallying, to remain at and redevelop Anfield was a small-time, mid-table decision.
The index fell by more than that level in the first hour-and-a-half of trading, led by panicked small-time investors, analysts said, and the market was closed.
Meanwhile, 22 people were arrested in swoops by Central Scotland Police on small-time dealers in Clackmannanshire and Stirlingshire.
In June 2002, Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi, a small-time Jordanian thug who aspired to become a terrorist leader, was comfortably embedded in Kurdish-dominated northern Iraq, an area not under Saddam Hussein's control.
The Apocalypse Parable: A Conspiracy Of Weeds by Brian Kaufman is an original, engaging and complex suspense novel depicting the life of a wealthy man, Mordecai Ryan and his pursuit of Jesus Christ the services of Daniel Bain, a small-time private investigator for missing persons.
Is it any wonder every small-time criminal in Ireland is trying to get a piece of the action?
Mr Clarke said: "Reducing the threshold so officers can seize cash stashes of at least pounds 1,000 will allow the police to target drug dealers and other small-time criminals whose activities destroy lives and blight communities.
Unfortunately, all the clues say that small-time hood Eel O'Brien is the culprit, and Plastic Man's new partner, blonde bombshell Agent Morgan, is determined to bring O'Brien down.
How small-time scams and petty crimes committed by terrorist sympathizers in the United States help their cause.
In this megaflop from writer-director Martin Brest (Scent of a Woman)--the most talked-about, least-attended movie of 2003--a kidnapped retarded boy (Justin Bartha) and a lesbian gangster (Jennifer Lopez) make small-time hood Larry.
When the sister of a murdered informant (Eva Marie Saint) and a local labor priest (Karl Malden) begin to chip away at Terry's dormant conscience, the small-time hood begins to question the things he and his bosses are doing.
Because the cliched storylines of the small-time crook who is down on his luck just makes the programme seem a bit dated - and make you feel you've seen it all before.