small wonder

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(it's) small wonder

It is not at all surprising (that something is the case). I was always terrible at math in school, so it's small wonder that I have such trouble filing my taxes. Small wonder you had such trouble starting the car: the battery is almost completely dead!
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no wonder

It is not surprising or unexpected at all. You just worked a 20-hour shift? No wonder you look so tired. No wonder. This wire is completely frayed. I'm surprised the TV kept working as long as it did.
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small wonder

Not a surprising or unexpected thing at all. You drank an entire bottle of bourbon by yourself? Small wonder that you feel as bad as you do this morning. Considering the massive legal team they can afford to hire, it's a small wonder that few people are able to successfully sue the corporation for its questionable practices.
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This water-proof Small Wonder has been designed for the person who likes their activities wet or dry.
Small wonder the US peace envoy to Sudan, former US Senator Jack Danforth, met SIRC before he met the government on his first official trip there last year.
Small wonder that he earned the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Lifetime Achievement Award.
Small wonder that many are opting for the higher salaries and greater flexibility of working for a nursing agency, or leaving the profession altogether.
SMALL WONDER By Barbara Kingsolver HarperCollins, 267 pages, $23.
Small wonder then, that profits were low as the growing excess of supply over demand brought about severe price cuts.
It is no small wonder that a new industry of incentive specialists has arrived onto the scene from law and accounting firms to supplement the efforts of the increasingly sophisticated real estate brokerage professionals.
Hard Lines was his first runner at Ripon and, as the gelding was retained without a bid, small wonder the winning handler was in high spirits.
Given the haunting quality of Billie Holiday's voice, it is small wonder that this particular song, written as a clear and unapologetic protest against lynching, has come to be associated with her more than any other song she ever performed.
Searching the Web can be either an amazing journey or a journey through a maze--there are now millions of sites to choose from, and it is small wonder if a surfer occasionally gets washed up on strange shores.
Small wonder that many blacks became trapped in a new form of slavery-debt peonage.
Since arthritis is widespread it is small wonder that a book called The Arthritis Cure (by Jason Theodosakis, M.
Faced with the daunting task of depicting such a remarkable career in a single film, it's small wonder that director Jim Shedden (who works in the contemporary art department at the Art Gallery of Ontario and previously made a 45-minute video documentary on the work of Michael Snow, Michael Snow Up Close) speaks most of the need to focus when he made Brakhage.
Small wonder that The New Republic profile ends with Norquist proudly hosting a book party for his devoted Boswell, Elizabeth Drew.
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