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The Small Fry is a pediatric wheelchair for children ages 2 to 8.
Titles are for male and female dancers in categories of Small Fry, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, Young Senior, and Senior.
But they are all small fry compared to the top UK industry bosses who stash their cash in offshore accounts or base their families in the tax haven of Monaco to avoid paying multi-million-pound tax bills in the UK.
TENNIS'S small fry took a massive bite out of the sport's biggest fish at Wimbledon as Grand Slam winners Venus Williams and Kim Clijsters were gobbled up and spat out of the Ladies Singles.
THE Port of Sunderland is one of six ports operating in close proximity along the North East coast, but in terms of tonnage, it is still small fry compared to its neighbours.
Perhaps, but it is pretty small fry in terms of local government sleaze.
Dallaglio was adamant that rugby's small fry deserve their place on the world stage.
To prove that galaxy formation began with a swarm of small fry, astronomers need to count how many of these small galaxies there are and whether there were more of them in the distant past than at later times in the universe, he says.
Crawford convinces him she's small fry and they'd be better off just keeping an eye on her so she can lead them to the real Mr Big.
The pair account for half of US home loans and their troubles make our own Northern Rock's disaster look like small fry.
l In the New Year, former The Bill star Billy Murray (left) will play gangster Johnny Allen, who's said to make Andy Hunter look like small fry (not hard).
It's nice to know he still helps the small fry of this world.
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