smack down

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smack down

1. To beat or thrash someone very thoroughly and conclusively, whether in a fight or in a contest. I won't hesitate smacking you down if you don't shut your mouth right this minute! The team smacked their opponents down in the semifinals.
2. To set something down (onto something else) with a smack. A noun or pronoun can be used between "smack" and "down." She smacked the newspaper down on my desk, demanding an explanation for the article about our company's involvement in the scandal. He came up, smacked down a search warrant, and proceeded to turn my apartment upside down.
3. To dismiss, disprove, or refute something with great ease, efficacy, and authority. A noun or pronoun can be used between "smack" and "down." The scientist smacked down the conspiracy theorist's arguments during the live debate. The television program specializes in smacking popular myths down by testing them in real life.
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smack someone down

1. Lit. to knock a person down or cause a person to retreat with a slap or a blow. He tried to touch her again and she smacked him down. She smacked down the rude fellow.
2. Fig. to rebuke someone. she smacked him down by telling him that he didn't fit in there anymore. He has a way of smacking down people who ask stupid questions.
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smack something down (on something)

 and smack something down (onto something)
to slap something down onto something. He smacked his bet down onto the table, angry with his mounting losses. Todd smacked down his hand on the table. She smacked her dollar down and grabbed up the newspaper.
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