smack down

smack down

1. To beat or thrash someone very thoroughly and conclusively, whether in a fight or in a contest. I won't hesitate smacking you down if you don't shut your mouth right this minute! The team smacked their opponents down in the semifinals.
2. To set something down (onto something else) with a smack. A noun or pronoun can be used between "smack" and "down." She smacked the newspaper down on my desk, demanding an explanation for the article about our company's involvement in the scandal. He came up, smacked down a search warrant, and proceeded to turn my apartment upside down.
3. To dismiss, disprove, or refute something with great ease, efficacy, and authority. A noun or pronoun can be used between "smack" and "down." The scientist smacked down the conspiracy theorist's arguments during the live debate. The television program specializes in smacking popular myths down by testing them in real life.
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smack someone down

1. Lit. to knock a person down or cause a person to retreat with a slap or a blow. He tried to touch her again and she smacked him down. She smacked down the rude fellow.
2. Fig. to rebuke someone. she smacked him down by telling him that he didn't fit in there anymore. He has a way of smacking down people who ask stupid questions.
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smack something down (on something)

 and smack something down (onto something)
to slap something down onto something. He smacked his bet down onto the table, angry with his mounting losses. Todd smacked down his hand on the table. She smacked her dollar down and grabbed up the newspaper.
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The real life Rebecca Quin broke the proverbial glass ceiling during her monster run across 2018 and 2019 and it went full throttle when she became Raw and Smack Down women's champion at the main event of Wrestlemania-the first time women main evented WWE's main spectacle.
GO Gurnee Sedentary Smack Down Walks welcome all ages!
importers in a smack down of ( Trump's false claim China is suffering financial hardships from his tariffs.
Happy Birthday Varun Dhawan hope u lay the smack down on this coming year !!!
12-13: Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Sailfish Smack Down, Pompano Beach
She voiced concerns about woman-eating bears so I promptly made her a gift of the rifle, assuring her the mighty .348 would decisively smack down any marauding bruins she might encounter.
The University of Santo Tomas Tiger Cubs, even without center Bismarck Lina who is with Batang Gilas in the FIBA Asia U-18 championships in Thailand, had enough to lay the smack down on City of Malabon University, 90-50, in the Breakdown Basketball League Under-19 tournament at the Moro Lorenzo Sports Center.
He had a similar style to the Undertaker and the WWE quickly added him to their Smack Down roster, where he played only three games during a month.
In Dubai, it didn't look as if one was going to overtake - or smack down - the other.
FORMER Brookside actor Dean Sullivan stunned wrestling fans by 'laying the smack down' at the Insane Championship event at the O2 Academy against Scottish 'villain' Jackie Polo.
"The Girl in Red Pajamas" begins when two lesbians have a smack down in a Boston restaurant.
On the same day last month, two separate think tanks dropped studies on what a subsidy smack down would mean for consumers.
He probably has spent weeks bragging to the staff about how he himself should have been a standup and that he's going to make the comedian look like Gok Wan after a WWF wrestling smack down.
And if you're like us and can't wait for the real season to start, Kent offers teal fodder to put the smack down on September greens and blues ...