smack down

smack someone down

1. Lit. to knock a person down or cause a person to retreat with a slap or a blow. He tried to touch her again and she smacked him down. She smacked down the rude fellow.
2. Fig. to rebuke someone. she smacked him down by telling him that he didn't fit in there anymore. He has a way of smacking down people who ask stupid questions.
See also: down, smack

smack something down (on something)

 and smack something down (onto something)
to slap something down onto something. He smacked his bet down onto the table, angry with his mounting losses. Todd smacked down his hand on the table. She smacked her dollar down and grabbed up the newspaper.
See also: down, smack
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The Girl in Red Pajamas" begins when two lesbians have a smack down in a Boston restaurant.
On the same day last month, two separate think tanks dropped studies on what a subsidy smack down would mean for consumers.
He probably has spent weeks bragging to the staff about how he himself should have been a standup and that he's going to make the comedian look like Gok Wan after a WWF wrestling smack down.
Harper also described Putin's response to his smack down as "interesting.
And if you're like us and can't wait for the real season to start, Kent offers teal fodder to put the smack down on September greens and blues .
Ten reasons men in their 40s are a good catch A blogger familiar to Al Bawaba lays the smack down for the ladies- older men are a great catch
The FTC needs to smack down the rest of the alcopop industry, and state and local governments need to ban sales or severely restrict these youth-endangering products.
If you smack down hard on it like a paved runway, it can create waves in the ice and crack," Taylor said.
Available in three classic submission holds, these tough plastic openers will really allow you to put the smack down on the cap of your next bottle of cerveza.
Will Mitt Romney smack down Rick Santorum in Ohio, or will it go the other way around?
However, when Ventura's titanium implant set off a metal detector in November and was subjected to a pat-down, the 59-year-old was about ready to lay the smack down.
Unlike Trophy Taker's drop-away rests of the past that attach to a buss cable, the new Smack Down ($128) attaches to the bottom limb of the bow via a limb clasp.
My father, along with his encouragement, also brought me smack down to earth.
With five calls in the series; the Smack Down (triple reed with Half & Half Cut), Kung Fu Chop (triple reed with 3.
But, I brought gusto to the topic, probably because I was paired against a boy I had a secret crush on and considered a verbal smack down in front of the entire congregation the surest way to get his attention.