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slush up

to become messy with slush. As the winter storm increases in intensity, the roads will slush up and become impassable. After an hour of snow and rain, the roads were so slushed up that we could not travel.
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slush fund

n. a fund of money that can be used for various unofficial and discretionary purposes. How much is left in the slush fund?
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slush up

in. to drink liquor; to get drunk. They slushed up for a while and went out to look for some chicks.
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slushed (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. I hate to come home slushed and wake up everybody. I have to sing, you see.
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The winery, which currently has three slushy machines, will rotate the seven flavors.
As he rubbed the ashes on my forehead, I felt the blessing they offered--the promise of a Lent when the slushy mess of winter would slowly melt into the spring of Resurrection.
To keep sticks upright in cups, freeze mixture until slushy before inserting them, or cover tops of cups with foil, make a slit in the center of the foil with tip of a knife, then insert stick through the hole until it almost touches the bottom.
8 accident in which the Southwest aircraft overran a slushy runway, burst through a blast fence and continued through a perimeter fence and onto a roadway where it struck two cars, killing a six-year-old passenger.
The reality TV star who now seems to think he's credible follows-up the high camp of his dire last single Switch It On with a plodding, slushy ballad.
A Springfield couple died Monday when their BMW slid on a slushy road and was struck by another car on Santiam Pass.
Another choice is to freeze Kool-Aid in the Kool Kube tray and then crush using the slushy attachment.
Among other things, Whitley alleged the company had improperly influenced a marketing test of its slushy Frozen Coke product in Burger King stores by paying in intermediary to take hundreds of children to the stores and buy the slushy drink.
Help has arrived for Alan Hopkinson, of Wirksworth, Derbys, the man whose potatoes turned into a slushy mess whenever he tried to boil them.
Instead, the researchers sampled the top of an overlying 3-m-thick layer of slushy saltwater.
There was about two inches of snow, but it's very slushy.
FILM and TV stars have taken part in a poll to find their all-time favourite slushy movies for Valentine's Day.
El Nino could leave Nagano, warm and slushy with too little snow--a Winter Olympic nightmare.
We are in the slushy world of Teflon Ron and his non-stick pix.