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slush up

to become messy with slush. As the winter storm increases in intensity, the roads will slush up and become impassable. After an hour of snow and rain, the roads were so slushed up that we could not travel.
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slush fund

n. a fund of money that can be used for various unofficial and discretionary purposes. How much is left in the slush fund?
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slush up

in. to drink liquor; to get drunk. They slushed up for a while and went out to look for some chicks.
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slushed (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. I hate to come home slushed and wake up everybody. I have to sing, you see.
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Sandra Bullock, however, manages to rescue it - just - from slushiness with her touches of sarcasm and humour, but none of the other characters make an impression.
Yet she is not beyond a little slushiness herself, particularly when she receives a romantic e-mail from that He-Male lost in Spain, Clint.
Incurable romantics will love this film, but if slushiness is not your bag this Valentine's Day, there's still plenty to please.