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slush up

to become messy with slush. As the winter storm increases in intensity, the roads will slush up and become impassable. After an hour of snow and rain, the roads were so slushed up that we could not travel.
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slush fund

n. a fund of money that can be used for various unofficial and discretionary purposes. How much is left in the slush fund?
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slush up

in. to drink liquor; to get drunk. They slushed up for a while and went out to look for some chicks.
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slushed (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. I hate to come home slushed and wake up everybody. I have to sing, you see.
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See also: slush
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CareMonkey attended Slush Down Under in Melbourne in the spring, won the pitching competition and got tickets to Slush in Helsinki.
Joshua is performing at the Slush Grand Opening Party at Apollo Live Club on Tuesday 10[sup.
Mr Merrigan and a colleague managed the [euro]5million slush fund intended to train and upskill low-paid workers which financed foreign trips to New York, Hong Kong and Australia.
Hewlett Packard's Russia subsidiary used millions of dollars in bribes from a secret slush fund to secure a lucrative government contract," principal deputy assistant attorney general Marshall Miller of the Justice Department's Criminal Division said in a release.
0125in] deep, or slush or loose snow equivalent to more than 3mm [0.
Julian Reid joined the company in 2012 as European Operations Director, he has taken on and restructured all areas of the Slush Puppie UK head office team and has played a key role in the recent successes of the business.
Katie Stone Roses, pounds 25, Slush Puppy, pounds 20 Shacket, pounds 40, River Island Dress, pounds 79, Boden.
Due to Southcentral Alaska's abundant snowfall this winter, crews were pushing snow toward the slush pond area by mid-February, she noted.
Under pressure from the Opposition to recover thousands of crores of slush funds stashed away in India and in tax havens abroad, and rising public anger on the issue, the union finance ministry is trying to stitch together agreements with 22 tax havens to seek information on unaccounted wealth.
Fluid PVC micro-beads for slush and rotational moulding of skins for automotive interior parts are now being offered worldwide by Teknor Apex of the USA - which runs the former BIP plant at Oldbury in the West Midlands.
Germany's highest appeals court ruled yesterday that corporate slush funds used to win contracts are illegal and that staff who use them can be convicted of breach of trust.
Chairman Lee Kun-hee, 66, made the offer after a five-hour interrogation by special prosecutors investigating an alleged bribery slush fund.
When he appeared for questioning on Friday, Lee had flatly rejected allegations that the group raised millions of dollars of bribery slush funds and illegally helped transfer control of the group to his son, Lee Jae-Yong.
Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba gave a strong hint Tuesday that the Defense Ministry has built up slush funds worth tens of millions of yen pooled from state budgets earmarked for intelligence activities.
AN INTERNAL audit of Airbus sales campaigns, ordered after allegations of the use of slush funds, has turned up no irregularities, says parent company European Aeronautic Defence and Space.