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slur over (something)

1. To say certain words with unclear, indistinct, or unintelligible pronunciation. I wasn't sure of the correct way to pronounce some of the more complicated chemical compounds, so I just slurred over their names during my presentation. When pressed for clarification by the reporter, the senator slurred over most of her response before declaring that she was late for a meeting.
2. To discuss, treat, approach, or deal with something in a very superficial, careless, or evasive manner. The government has been slurring over this issue for years, but the time has finally come for us to do something about it! Tom always slurs over any problems he has at home.
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slur over something

1. Lit. to avoid saying difficult or crucial words by mumbling them; to speak over words unclearly. The speaker slurred over so many words that we didn't know what she was saying. Unfortunately, Ted slurred over many of the important parts of his speech.
2. Fig. to avoid talking about or mentioning an issue. The mayor slurred over the major issue of the day. she slurred over the major problems.
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I am sure he and Sheikh Rashid will ditch Imran Khan the moment they sense a change in the wind, like they have been doing in the past.The rest of the political slurs quoted above though can conveniently be applied to almost all the politicians of Pakistan barring a few exceptions, but in the current scenario they can be safely applied to only one leader of a political party.
As noted above, college campuses have been the scenes of numerous incidents resulting from the use of slurs. In spring 2015, a group of University of Oklahoma fraternity members on their way to a spring formal launched into a song that contained racist slurs.
I don't want to use any slurs. I don't want to use words that express hatred or contempt for an entire class of people.
Slurs will be joined on stage at The Cumberland Arms by dark electronic duo Mausoleums and indie rock band Avenues.
But the brunt of his racial slurs came by way of his description of Filipinos, which he said were better off working as maids and toilet lickers.
Slur Exercises, Trills, and Chromatic Octaves is a collection of technical studies for the guitar, which were used by Maestro Andres Segovia (1893-1987) in his own personal practice.
Some authors have recently contended that there can be non-derogatory, non-appropriated uses of slurs. Christopher Hom (2008) gives much emphasis to this kind of uses and provides a fairly long list of them, while arguing for a purely semantic account of the communicative import of slurs.
What he doesn't seem to understand is that the folks over at CNN are also exercising their rights when they refuse to broadcast that slur. For Ginsberg, this refusal amounts not only to muzzling Snyder, but to a first step toward abolishing freedom of the press: "Take away Dan Snyder's freedom of speech in naming his football team, and you shouldn't be surprised to find people knocking on your door to tell you what you can and can't report."
It's the 21st century and yet a study today has found that a generation of children in Wales today think it's OK to use insulting and offensive racial slurs.
If I have one message about the use of trans slurs, it would be this.
An alumna of the Bethlehem, Pa., school filed a complaint in November after the school's multicultural dorm was egged and racial slurs were found on the building.
The racist graffiti targeting the Phillips family of Lunenburg, as well as racist slurs allegedly directed toward members of Worcester's South High football team, have overshadowed what was supposed to have been the traditional Thanksgiving Day close to the high school football season.
Yet another American Sikh has been attacked by a screaming man shouting anti-Muslim slurs.
The move could be crucial in tracking who was responsible for The Sun newspaper's subsequent slurs on Reds fans.
Fairbrook Medical Clinic, the 4th Circuit ruled that an "equal opportunity harasser" can create a hostile work environment if he or she uses gender-specific slurs.